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Luke E (it) wrote: Silmido is a great action war film in the style of Full Metal Jacket meets the Dirty Dozen. Based on a true event in South Korea, the narrative is equally engaging and compelling. Its cast of many give this film a very badass persona and fasinating development. It also feels it could dwarf any Michael Bay or Tony Scott epic actioner any day cause if its craftmanship that give it a distictive hollywood action flavour. Just get all those fake Auteurs to look at this and then they'll realise Story and drama are more important than action specticle. A Highly recomended action film!

Kate A (ag) wrote: I feel like I've seen this movie a few times before..there is just not a single original plot point in this entire movie. And other versions of this movie do it better. Matthew Goode was the only bright spark I could see.

Jose N (fr) wrote: Pure philosophy in the shape of a film. When many aspects of our society are portrayed in Medelln (Colombia).

Sam C (ru) wrote: I had alot of problems with permanent midnight, but it is undeniabley shocking and hard to endure

Eric N (ru) wrote: Awesome film.I watched it for the movie, not for Miike, who is so experimental, that half the time his movies are fucking garbage. Yeah sure I like Audition, and Ichi, and some other stuff I've seen was shocking and ballsy, but this time he experimented with making a GOOD movie! He pulled it off. This could almost be Zhang Yimou / Ki-Duk Kim.

Tim L (jp) wrote: Great animated version of a classic Roald Dahl book. Fun from beginning to end.

Michael W (gb) wrote: A true thriller classic. One will never be the same after hearing the dentist drill again! Hoffman is a student who becomes involved with an escaped Nazi war criminal. The sub-story of what happens to a non-violent acidemic when pushed too far is one of Hoffman best preformances. Scheider and Olivier have two of the most memorable preformances which strengthing Marathon Man's dark story of violence and lies. One of the best movies of the 1970's Watch it!

Ryan D (us) wrote: Old timey jokes and plot that isn't all that great. I did like Candy's secret weapon and the muscle studs.

katsist (br) wrote: A good crime movie. Brad Pitt is excellent as a hit man.

Matt G (ru) wrote: Every time that animated, red-orange sun crests over the horizon, with the music packing an emotional wallop as giant as the fun to come, I'm completely overwhelmed. A Shakespearean drama in the truest sense, its effective both tragically (Mufasa's demise, confrontation with Scar) and comically (Hyenas, Timon & Pumba). Not to mention Scar is among the most awesomely evil Disney villains; envy, greed, treason, murder, & Irons freaking kills it.