Lycka till och ta hand om varandra

Lycka till och ta hand om varandra

Alvar is a pensioner who hides his guilt by "constructing" fictitious memoirs. By chance he meets Miriam, a socially tone deaf and obstinate teenager, and they become friends. Their ...

Alvar is a pensioner who hides his guilt by "constructing" fictitious memoirs. By chance he meets Miriam, a socially tone deaf and obstinate teenager, and they become friends. Their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (es) wrote: While certainly fun enough, almost none of the characters are particularly likable or relatable, and the film seems to lose its' way trying to find a resolution. When it eventually gets there, it feels underwhelming, in spite of JGL's spirited storytelling.

Lee (ca) wrote: Outrageously trashy indie slasher from Canada all set in a bowling alley where members of two rival teams start to get picked off by a savage killer wearing a bowling bag as a mask. A real good laugh this was, entertained from start to finish. It's all been made with an 80s atmosphere from the fashion sense to the musical score and takes a lot of influence from the slashers of the period. But as violent and sleazy as slashers from the 80s were none were quite as graphic or sexually explicit as this one turned out, all with an exaggerated tone though so it comes across quite comical. The kills were crazy with plenty of blood and gore to accomodate them. Loved the hilariously offensive language too where every insult known in English must've been used! There is also quite a lengthy brutal rape scene thrown which is pivotal to the story but quite uncomfortable to sit through no matter how comedic the film generally is. It's not for the easily offended, but if you like it offensive and dirty then it's a must-see!

Wayne S (kr) wrote: A very odd take on the zombie flick. A guys weekend goes horrible wrong in a small secluded town where the women become killing machines. some of the zombie ideas are cool. Take some of your favorite fetishes: schoolgirl, bride, or any other costume you can think of and make them evil zombies. A definite bros before hoes movie. Do not watch with your girl.

Macy D (au) wrote: Very boring,action takes too long to take place.

Andy C (ru) wrote: God this was awful...and I felt even worse for having shelled out like 14 quid when I really fancied a new unknown gore-fest during a HMV visit. Ropey effects and pretty heinous dialog spouted by awful characters who mostly deserve death would have probably marked it as one of my "Awful classics" I like to watch from time to time, sadly it took itself a little too seriously and cost me a little too much money to make that oh so exclusive list.

Rick R (ag) wrote: An absolutely amazing film. If Mel Gibson's ridiculous rants had not gotten in the way, this would surely have received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. A Brilliant film!

Sonya D (kr) wrote: Great Movie!!!! Loved every bit of it. He was mean!!!!! :)

Anna W (jp) wrote: Quite funny in a dark way. Not your usual Hong Kong comedies.

Kyle D (es) wrote: The most profane exploitation films not even for me in my according standards as a Christian wise enough to avoid such vulgar or pornographic concepts in such cinemas of America.

Jeremy S (us) wrote: I like Bob Hope always have his stuff is timeless as this movie shows

Robin L (kr) wrote: Forced romantic comedy scrapes by on the charm of its leads. May include the most restrained chimpanzee hijinks in cinema history.

Andy B (ca) wrote: Didn't love. Rewatch