Lying to Be Perfect

Lying to Be Perfect

By day, Nola Devlin (Poppy Montgomery) is an unassuming, frumpy magazine editor who is overlooked and teased by her coworkers. When the sun sets, though, and she is behind the glow and anonymity of her computer screen, she becomes the famous and “reclusive” advice columnist Belinda Apple. Nola’s friends, tired of being overworked and overweight, band together to create the “Cinderella Pact,” vowing to lose pounds by following the advice of their “fairy godmother,” Apple. When her secret identity is threatened, Nola is forced to take her own alter ego’s advice. But, as the group of friends drops dress sizes, their real issues are exposed, and better-than-expected life changes begin to blossom.

By day, Nola Devlin (Poppy Montgomery) is an unassuming, frumpy magazine editor who is overlooked and teased by her coworkers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colin P (es) wrote: Does a good job of conveying the excitement of the protagonist's inspired and passionate love of film (but probably mostly to people who share in it), peppered with the story of his intriguing personal life. It really made me indignant at the creatively stagnant cultural climate we're currently stuck in; Mr. Harvey's type of raw creativity could never catch fire today.

Zack S (jp) wrote: I like the cast and all, but this movie is so typical and obvious. Instead of bringing something fresh to the table, they just rip off Chevy Chase's Vacation and they fail at it.

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