Lykkens grøde

Lykkens grøde

Harvesting the Wasteland follows the complicated relationship between two women. One of them finds happiness in tradition, while the other finds hers in breaking with it. Choosing one's own...

Harvesting the Wasteland follows the complicated relationship between two women. One of them finds happiness in tradition, while the other finds hers in breaking with it. Choosing one's own... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kay O (kr) wrote: We really enjoyed this film came out singing !!!!! ~?'?

Sebastian G (jp) wrote: The movie was okay for my 8 year old sis but for me the story was plain and i didnt feel bad for jojos character with the mother she had because the acting sucked.

Raine L (ru) wrote: don't remember if I ever say the sequel

Jonathan P (it) wrote: A big step down from the ok original. The problem with this movie was that it was made for TV hence the cheesy acting and script. The flashbacks were horribly acted by the little Charlie and her father (why not use footage of Drew Barrymore in the original movie?) The story was good just not very well done. I had hoped for a bit more (something along the lines of The Stand or Storm of the Century) but without Stephen King involved in the project this movie is just a cheap lunge for some quick cash with no back bone to supoort it.

Richard R (gb) wrote: A beginner's guide to watching movies twice. Makes you rethink that tattoo (which makes you rethink that tattoo which makes you rethink...)

David S (de) wrote: A haunted house horror set on a boat this film doesn't really live up to its fun premise, probably down to a limited budget and some dull performances. The idea of a possessed liner sounds cool, especially one that used to be a Nazi torture ship, but the film doesn't help itself by presenting a rather dull group of characters in peril. Also it doesn't really know what it's trying to do. The boat seems to want the new passengers off (within minutes one character is lassoed and literally thrown to his death) but Kennedy (as a possessed Captain) seems determined to keep some on board and deliberately prevents them from leaving. It would have been more fun to see the ghosts but instead we get a lot of doors and windows opening and closing and a rather gratuious blood shower scene that seems to go on forever! It's clear who will survive and even though this was banned during the video nasty campaign there really isn't much gore. Not a classic!

John L (ca) wrote: This entry is completely BOGUS! This was a TV documentary done in *2004* (not 2005) for which there is already a correct entry. In addition, it was NOT directed by Billy Wilder, who died in 2002 (unless he came back from the dead for yet one more curtain call). Wilder directed the 1951 "Ace in the Hole" - a theatrical crime drama. This entry should be DELETED!

Paul D (au) wrote: Enjoyable episode from the Stan & Oliver collection with the French foreign Legion as the butt of the jokes.

Richard R (it) wrote: The twentieth James Bond film and last for Pierce Brosnan as 007. It is also the only Bond directed by Lee Tamahori.James Bond is captured by the North Koreans trying to disrupt an illegal arms deal for outlawed South African "conflict diamonds", put together by Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee) and his right hand man Zao (Rick Moon). But he is double-crossed by someone within MI6, and tortured by the North Koreans, but not before killing Moon. Fourteen months later 007 is released by his captures in exchange for Zao, who was recently captured by the west. "M" (Dame Judi Dench) and NSA agent Damian Falco (Michael Madsen) believe Bond must have talked during his captivity, and is sent to rot in a British prison facility in Hong Kong. 007 escapes by stopping his heart for a brief period of time, and busting out. He then tracks Zao to Cuba where he is receiving DNA replacement therapy, and meets the incredibly sexy Jinx (Halle Berry), a NSA agent working for Falco. After Zao escapes, Bond returns to London and his attention turns to environmental billionaire Gustov Graves (Tobey Stephens), who has created a satellite that deploys a heat ray that can turn the world's ice lands into lush green gardens. 007 then travels to Iceland and Graves' ice fortress "The Ice Palace", where he is invited to watch a demonstration of his satellite, which Bond believes is fueled by the "conflict diamonds". While there, 007 meets up again with Jinx, and learns that Graves is actually Colonel Moon, having had has his appearance altered by the DNA replacement therapy. Bond and Jinx must now stop Graves and MI6 traitor Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike) before he uses the satellite to attack South Korea.This is the most absurd plot of any of the 007 films, and one of the reasons that the series went on hiatus for four years, and then the decision was made to reboot the franchise, and start all over again. Pierce Brosnan is great as usual, but starting to look a little old (he was 49 at the time), and Halle Berry is perfect as the strong-headed sexy Jinx. The theme song by Madonna is probably the worst of all the Bond themes, and the DNA Gene replacement therapy is completely ridiculous, as is 007's invisible Aston Martin.This film is entertaining, but way too far over the top.

Andrew H (au) wrote: Can't tell you how angry this film made me with the catholic church in general and the Irish catholics in particular. This may be because on Sunday I saw 'Calvary' where a good priest (I guess that they must exist) pays the ultimate sacrifice because of the systematic abuse heaped upon a boy by the church. It makes me depressed that the catholics in Ireland and elsewhere seem able to put up with this hypocrisy when they should in-fact just desert the superstitious cult that's been bleeding them dry and oppressing them for centuries.

Yanti A (ca) wrote: I don't understand why this movie gets bad reviews. it's warm, it's light, and Hugh Grant is really funny as usual. I'm not saying he's going back to his root as always with this type of role, but the story (and the slight touch of his romance with Marisa Tomei) is very adult and not cheesy. I must say that I'm glad Hugh Grant found this script doable for himself. he's 50ish and not supposed to be trapped into another cheesy rom-com situation. a very nice comeback. :)