Lynch Mob

Lynch Mob

The rural town of Leesburg Georgia holds a dark secret. A century old curse has condemned the citizens to a diet of human flesh. Unable to leave the city limits the town folks must lure unsuspecting travelers to their quaint town where they soon become the menu item of choice.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:blood,   mafia,   zombie,  

The rural town of Lynchburg, Georgia holds a dark secret. A century old curse has condemned the citizens to a diet of human flesh. Unable to leave the city limits the town folks must lure ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark M (fr) wrote: Psychological horror that stands out from the crowd and superbly well shot and directed.

Cory C (de) wrote: Tremendous waste of talent in this horrendous plot with a horrible script, and overall dumb the end, all I could think was "come on, are you serious?' If I had anything to do with this movie, I would be ashamed. I was embarrassed for the cast.

Kenpo T (us) wrote: Hunt to Kill - Starring well I'll save that for later.I will preface this review by saying I picked this movie from Netflix's New Movies section. I thought it was a Bruce Willis flick and I also thought it was called Hard to Kill, not "Hunt to Kill". I typically go to action & adventure movies when I want something that requires very little concentration to watch, usually while I'm doing other things. In this case I was packing. Typically speaking I'm on the fence about crossover actors. We all know people that are famous for one thing and then decide that for whatever series of circumstances they deserve a chance to act in a movie... I take these people with a grain of salt, but in the instance of WWE wrestlers who decide to stop acting in a ring and go to acting in front of a camera I typically expect that these ring acrobats will be capable of jaw dropping stunts when it comes to the action sequences. This movie started off in a rock quarry. That told me pretty much everything I could expect from this movie in the first minute of the movie. First off instead of Bruce Willis its Steve Austin. The wrestler. I only know of this guy because of the wrestling geeks I used to work with. So while I'm not expecting a grammy award winning performance I am expecting some pretty kickass action sequences. With these crossover "actors" the best thing a writer can do is give them as few lines as possible and just let the stunt choreographers carry the show.Two types of movies are shot in rock quarrys. So when I see a movie that has a opening scene in one I know I can expect 1 of two things. A low budget sci-fi movie or a low budget action movie. There are many things that are not to like on this movie. The bad writing, the pleasant to look but really poor actors. The poor camera direction made me actually flinch a couple times. But for everything I didnt like I will say the audio and the lighting where actually really well done. If the DP didnt have his head up his ass, the only thing that would have really stuck out was the script and the acting. I will give the Director Keoni Waxman credit for shooting this straight to dvd feature on film instead of video, unfortunately the DP made some very questionable calls on lens selection, camera angles and had a appearantly consistently drunk jib operator. Keeping in mind that action & adventure genre is suppossed to be mindless entertainment. I'm not going to criticize the movie too hard on acting or script or even its technical merits because most people dont notice that stuff. I will however judge it based on action sequences. When you are a name wrestler and you crossover from acting in a ring to acting on the screen I expect, no no thats not right. I DEMAND that you put on a good fight sequence. Sadly that just wasnt the case here. The action sequences are few and far between. The fight choreography was completly lame and at a point Honestly after seeing the preview of the movie I would not have allowed my name to be in the credits if I was involved with it. How do you take a trained stunt man, someone who has done live action stunts in front of thousands of people and make them look lame? I feel really bad for everyone from stunts department that was involved in this movie. This movie was a loser on so many fronts that I can only reccomend it to aspiring directors and DP's as an instructional film on what NOT to do when making a film. You dont have to have a big budget, or big name actors or even fancy gear to make a good movie. But when you strike out on so many important levels so terribly, its just sad. I wouldnt say I hated this movie and it wasnt hard to watch. It really was just a train wreck. Fascinating, morbid and awesome all in 97 minutes. I feel a little uneasy with this because I really wanted to like this movie more than I did. So here is an uneasy 2 stars.

Kimberley F (kr) wrote: a very entertaining and interesting to watch documentary, which strikes some very true cords. Hmm... I wonder why the media didn't review this documentary well. ;)

Lia S (de) wrote: duties, personal gain, then the whole situation went bad. Nice plot and dramatic music.Directed by Felix Chong. Starring : Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Lau Ching Wan.

Chris S (kr) wrote: This is Tobe Hooper's best film since the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? His worst must qualify as a felony in some states.

Peter R (fr) wrote: Viewed this film in Asbury Park NJ; great film.

Mark B (au) wrote: the most serious of the slumber party serious with part one being the right level of camp and part 2 being downright silly and part 3 trying to pull off a serious 80s slasher film .. but it doesnt really pull it off mostly due to the lack of interest or investment in the main characters and the killer

Nick O (br) wrote: Memorably witty, wittily memorable and ultimately pretty charming, Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan" is a satire that skews from riffing on the young adult melodrama of John Hughes to the regular adult melodrama of Woody Allen, without ever feeling like it has contempt for the style of either one of them. It's also gorgeously obsessed with words. Usually having characters that won't shut up is a bad thing, but here it only further accentuates "Metropolitan's" wicked, ace, canvas-like scripting. It pokes fun at the entitled proteges of New York City's urban aristocracy and yet treats these specific examples as anything but prototypical; human even. It's a comedy of manners with something deeper blistering under its preppy, porcelain skin, something akin to the universal: the prolonged anxiety of social inadequacy. Damn amazing debut. Can't wait to see Stillman's rest.

Genyana M (mx) wrote: A little slow moving, but cute movie with a good end.

Brett C (jp) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:So far in my life, I have seen one Kevin Smith film and it was Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, which by the way is a childhood favourite; weird right? It stuck on to me all these years, though it has been a while since I have seen it but I guarantee the next time I do get the opportunity to view it, nostalgia would hit me and diminish my ability to rationalise. I do recall seeing Jersey Girl when it came on TV but during then I did not know it was by Kevin Smith and my memory of the experience was quite vague. I did not know what to expect from Mallrats as I wasn't so sure what Smith's style was outside Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, well it turns out, it is practically the same. This proved to me that the man has his own distinctive style that allows him to stand out from other filmmakers.Mallrats features a simple story of two guys, who got dumped by their girlfriends, seeks refuge in a mall to solve their problems. Smith's screenplay may lack a sense of substance that would make it like a Richard Linklater film, but his storytelling and sense of humour is so entertaining that I did not care whether or not it had a purpose; kind of like watching a Quentin Tarantino film. Smith provides us with genuine manifestations from our society that other writers would have easily depicted as worthless and weak or would have simply avoided. The characters in this film felt genuine in their construction or characterisation; it provides the audience a glimpse of real lives, exclude the ending, of men and women who possesses a lack of ambition and finds solace in their hobbies; I myself, have been in a position where I lack a sense of direction and instead focus on what many considers as procrastinating as it does not contribute anything to society and selfish. I personally would not want to let go my own personal connection with film in order to satisfy others, but at the same time I would not let it consume and affect other aspects of my life. As one can already tell, I see a lot of myself in the character of Brodie. Mallrats, similar to Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, features a goal that does not overtake the film's atmosphere. Smith lets the film breathe by providing sequences of regular back and forth chatter that allows character development to be served slowly and in a controlled sort of way; we learn more about the characters as the film goes along but we never seem to notice it, and I think that is what makes Smith's writing so brilliant.I think one must have a distinctive taste to appreciate Mallrats as it relies heavily on its specific type of characters and diversion from the basic Hollywood narrative. All I can say with this film is to proceed with caution.

Ross M (nl) wrote: Certainly one of the most enriching movies of the decade. Enchanting and artistic with an exquisite story and production.

Alexandria C (es) wrote: Love, love, love Mike Pare as Sheriff Olson!

Cem (mx) wrote: I picked this up because the title reminded me of a film I had seen waaay back, thinking it would thrill as before. It is funny how the words "vividly acted" on the cover is exactly what this film does not do. As dialogue is scarce, characters rely on acting but to no avail. Ridiculous pauses, unnecessary glances make everyone in this film seem emotionally constipated. Bo-ring.