Remake of the 1931 original. In the city, someone is murdering children. The Police search is so intense, it is disturbing the 'normal' criminals, and the local hoods decide to help find the murderer as quickly as possible.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1951
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:M 1951 full movies, M torrents movie

In this Americanization of the 1931 German thriller, both the police and the criminal underworld stalk a mysterious killer who preys on small children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Illiena V (au) wrote: Brilliant performance by Burt Lancaster, who himself suffered several tragedies in life, starting with an early death of his mother and an injury that ended his athletic career. Even as a young man, Lancaster already knew that the middle class trappings have about the same value as tinsel on an artificial Christmas tree. This is how he is able to convey the depth of feeling and just-below-the-surface angst that permeates this movie. In the end, Ned's life turns out to be nothing but empty self-talk. This movie has great power even today - many of us go about life not knowing who we are and what we stand for... only to see our delusions crumble at the slightest push by the harsh realities of life.

Gabriel C (nl) wrote: Though uneven at times, VHS is unique and innovative both in filmmaking and genuinely scaring the audience.

Kim L (fr) wrote: Wild movie, a true depiction of hood life

Jess (nl) wrote: You know, Disney movies, also shows, are getting to be really stupid. This movie was okay, but come on, Emily Osment can't act. She's awkward and anyone can get up there and say a few lines. Lil Wayne could pull off what she does, and that's nowhere near a compliment. 2 stars. One because I watched it out of boredom, another one for the hell of it.

Chase M (fr) wrote: Better than the first

Matthew R (es) wrote: A good kids movie with references to classic universal monsters such as the wolfman, invisible man, frankenstein and Dracula. My son enjoyed it and I liked it as well. However, I do not like the trend of having celebrities voice act rather than actual voice actors - I could totally tell it was Adam Sanford, David Spade, and Kevin James. Sandler tried to speak like the classic Dracula voice but it ends up being a lame impression.

Brendan S (de) wrote: It's really tough to tell a story entirely from the perspective of a little girl and succeed at developing the characters, plot and themes, but this film does all of that incredibly well. I'm amazed that this is the only film acting experience this girl has (according to IMDB). Even without that, the main idea of developing (and constantly questioning) one's values in a complicated world is fascinating enough. Recommended.

Thomas J (mx) wrote: A Danish take on the "I see dead people"-genre already worn out by Hollywood. Predictable doesn't even cut it

Pete S (it) wrote: Tense, cruel and hilariously absurd all at once, it may, as its title suggests.

Randy Y (gb) wrote: Just a decent show about artists (mainly street) and their passion...

Kelly G (mx) wrote: Your run of the mill Sci Fi alien movie, watchable but nothing here that you havent already seen.

Jason W (mx) wrote: Prepare to weep! Awesome movie!

Lora C (ag) wrote: she gets married in walmart........weard but a so good

Michael B (mx) wrote: I love watching this watching this film, it's funny and zany also its full of adventure.

Rand B (de) wrote: The movie started out exciting and was enjoyable the entire time but at the end I was left feeling unsatisfied. Almost all the scenes had a common thread of 'sex' and/or 'love'. The juxtaposition of some of the situations were heart-rendering and some were very comical. The last 10 minutes was a climax of sorts and hard to believe that some of the characters would do such despicable acts. No real ending- you have to imagine how things turn out. Enjoyed watching Jack Lemmon and Lily Tomlin the most. The most important lesson I found was the groundlessness of the characters- what happens when you don't have the Christ in your life.

Robert I (jp) wrote: Forest Whitaker AND Sherilyn Fenn!? SOLD!

Nicholas P (ca) wrote: Atmospheric, yet predictable. Rob Lowe is not intimidating nor does he really come across as clever. The characters motivations(mainly Lowe's) are not in depth enough to understand why they do what they do. Overall, an average yet interesting flick.

Alex r (de) wrote: Michael Jackson's Thriller is one of the greatest music videos ever filmed. Using horror elements, director John Landis has made the most legendary music video ever. With great music (considering that I'm a metalhead, Michael Jackson is the only pop star I can listen to), and effective special effects, Thriller is a fun, yet extravagant music video, and I mean that as a compliment. With stunning special effects by Rick Baker, Thriller is one terrific music video. The film has a 1940's-1950's vibe and John Landis captures that feeling perfectly. Add to that the incredible song Thriller, and you have something very unique. This was made back when music mattered, all the genres seem to co-exist and record companies knew actual talent when they saw it. Unlike today where the only artists are rip-offs of other 80's icons and the like. Thriller remains unmatched as a music video, and no amount of theatrical elements like what many "artists" of today are using will ever top this horrifying music video. Brilliantly crafted with stunning dance sequences mixed with an old school horror vibe make this music video a must see for the Halloween season. Like I stated previously, no other "artist" will top this music video with their crappy moves or crappy music. Michael Jackson was a unique talent, there may be a dozen copy cats that are trying to gain the amount of popularity (Lady Gaga, who is talentless beyond belief), but none will ever come close. Thriller is statement that music is more than that, and Michael Jackson conceived a short film that no matter how many so called "talents" try to outdo, they'll never succeed. Thriller is timeless, but the new found flavor of the month artists aren't. A terrific accomplishment in music and film history.

John R (gb) wrote: 131022: The day I purchased this movie, the release day, I also posted on Facebook "Now in my hands". Well, from my hands to the garage sale pile. Few redeeming features in this western fan's opinion. All that waiting. Save your money.

Matt M (ca) wrote: If you think this movie deserves less than five stars, we cannot be friends.