Ma che musica maestro

Ma che musica maestro

The love story between two youths born in rival villages is hindered by the other inhabitants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rachael H (jp) wrote: This movie rocks, The actors have great chemistry and there are some very funny moments, and some very heart felt moments. All in all I loved it.

Tracy H (br) wrote: I love this movie so much. I know its not one of the best there is, but I LOVE IT

Scott J (ag) wrote: What more can you ask for? NFL (or at least a movie version), Charlton Heston proper over-acting, a realism & grit that only 1970s movies ever displayed and good old Quincy off the telly getting snipered in cold blood!! Classic stuff from the days when directors had the balls not to buckle under Hollywood studio pressure. No sugary endings here unlike the ones that marred even the best films of the 1980s.

Private U (ru) wrote: Underrated. Not exactly a mood-lifter, though.

Adam F (br) wrote: "John Tucker Must Die" is a teenage comedy set in that world where high schoolers can all be defined by the clothes they wear, the prettiest girls never get noticed and the teachers are always absent but it manages to be a fun and clever teen flick. This story, about 3 sexy ladies (Carrie, played by Arielle Kebbel, Heather, played by Ashanti and Beth, played by Sophia Bush) who team up with the new girl in class (Brittany Snow as Kate) to get revenge on their three-timing boyfriend John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) has a lot of well written and clever moments and some bad, over-the-top ones but there's a lot more that works than doesn't. Just because the movie is set in this weird fantasy world, doesn't mean the characters won't feel genuine. Sure, the characters of Carrie, Heather and Beth aren't very deep but the actresses are attractive, well cast and make the most of the script they're given. You're going to see three broadly painted characters interact with our main protagonist, but the friendship that develops between them helps you see past that. You also get some pretty good chemistry between John Tucker and his dates so you see why all of the ladies were smitten by him. The dialogue is smartly written with clever jokes and the conversations sound natural. Even though the movie is PG-13, the movie slips in a couple of racy moments here and there (particularly with Beth) and you get more than one moment where you can see the foul language that would come up naturally get suddenly cut off without feeling forced so it doesn't come off as an episode of the Twilight Zone where all the kids in school are too nice to be real. The movie feels less like a written comedy and more like a natural flowing story and it's when you get over-the-top jokes that the movie derails for a bit.Once the revenge plot gets going, that's when you get some really silly moments (and unfortunately it makes up a significant portion of the running time. It's funny to see the girls try and fail to get their vengeance on John Tucker but one bit where they slip estrogen pills into John's food to the point where he begins acting overly emotional is ridiculous and those kind of wacky antics are what turn this film from a promising comedy with an out-there premise into a total cartoon. Sometimes the comeback that John manages to pull off after he finds himself neck deep in some scheme the ladies cooked up for him is impressive and sometimes (like when he convinces every man in the world to start wearing ladies' underwear) it just turns into a cheap joke that's repeated over and over.The love plots in the film are well integrated in the story and during the last third the movie manages to ditch most of the cheap jokes to actually talk about some of the implications of dedicating your entire school year on a revenge plot. There are also some nice moments discussing peer pressure, being true to yourself and about being invisible in a high school setting. There is one final joke during the credits that will make you groan so right when the credits start do yourself a favor and just cut off the movie right there. Otherwise the movie ends on a high note, negating most of the rougher spots in the middle. It isn't a perfect movie by far but in the genre of high school comedies it's a pretty good entry and, particularly if you're watching the unrated cut there are a good amount of laughs with the likeable cast. (Unrated Cut on Dvd, June 9, 2013)