Ma pole turist, ma elan siin

Ma pole turist, ma elan siin

This is a film about one major societal hot spot in Estonia during the Soviet Union period when living spaces were still distributed by state for free. It's about a man who is working as a ...

This is a film about one major societal hot spot in Estonia during the Soviet Union period when living spaces were still distributed by state for free. It's about a man who is working as a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ma pole turist, ma elan siin torrent reviews

Mike J (es) wrote: The zombies looked good, and the special effects aren't that bad, but it lacks a good story.

Christopher L (es) wrote: May as well have been titled "Extraterrestrial Activity". The movie simply recycles what it knows has been good before, but doesn't know why it was good to begin with. What a dud.

Joetaeb D (br) wrote: With a combination of little to no campy charm, uninspired fight sequences and miscast actors, The legend of Chun Li fails on almost every level.

Ranvis F (kr) wrote: It's pretty boring, unexciting throughout the whole movie but the ending sure puts some points up for it.

movie fan a (mx) wrote: hilarious movie!! loved it loaaads!! copy of rat race but still v funny

TC M (br) wrote: Having friends who live in LA, Hollywood, Frisco, AND San Diego, I hear a lot of stories. I guess to truly appreciate this movie, one would have to have walked in one of the characters shoes. From the best of my own personal knowledge however, it seems to take a quick snap shot of some of these peoples lives. It roots in the confused, uncertain, and eager spirits of young people who aren't sure who they are or what they want out of life. In that sense, I can very much relate. Sometimes we stop and ask ourselves, who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going? This movie isn't GREAT, but is certainly watchable, and entertained/interested me.

Chris H (nl) wrote: The title is terrible. It makes you not want to watch it. But, I finally did and i'm glad I did. A fun ride with believable characters.

Alsea A (au) wrote: you just want to shake everyone in this family !

Janet (ca) wrote: This is a good movie to see.The title makes it sound like it's just another singer movie but it actually is a real good at heart movie to see.

Nikita K (ru) wrote: awsum movie, sooo funny! luv sanjay dutt and govinda!

christy h (it) wrote: never see tht movie is save the last dance.

Martin D (kr) wrote: It was pretty good,it have some good seens,In this taut thriller, a Las Vegas taxi driver must run for his life after stealing a cool million's worth of Mafia money.

Lee M (es) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10. Despite the lack of quality acting, it's perhaps the most important lesbian film of its generation as it's refreshingly not about coming out,but instead challenging head-on prevalent stereotypes about lesbian.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: Grade - BRain Man benefits from a heartfelt story, and great performances from Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman to help it overcome some dragging moments.

Ruben G (ca) wrote: Big E.T. rip off.More of a commercial than a movie :DThis movie, is SO HORRIBLE and UGLY!!!! If you watch this movie and don't find any sins (problems) then your f**king stupid. This movie has hundreds of sins. No way you can't find 1.

Emily B (us) wrote: Great for Beatle/Paul fans or people who just enjoy random (or somewhat trippy) movies! Not a movie for people who like plot... But it's just so great! I love the end... and his car....

Kenneth B (gb) wrote: Pacino is typically impassioned but ultimately this all just a bit too fluffy.

Douglas P (au) wrote: Director-for-hire Jack Smight actually manages to maintain a balance between cat n' mouse cop thriller and a somewhat sadistic comedy (based on a William Goldman novel). Rod Steiger chews on the scenery as if it were a sandwich made of leather. His disguises range from homosexual wigmaker to an Irish priest. George Segal plays the henpecked Jewish cop perfectly. This film reminds you how funny he could be back then. Highly watchable, and well-balanced, but somewhat forgettable mainly in how the script lacks some punch (tension). Maybe if Goldman transfered his own novel to the screen, then the film would have carried further into film history.

Greg N (br) wrote: Ken Russell making a guy named Harry Palmer boring. It even had Karl Malden's giant nose and sexy Francoise Dorleac, Catherine Denueve's much cooler sister. Actually, it's not really boring. Just stupid. Ham fisted. Politically savy like a five year old fed left wing propoganda. Yes, everything I've said should make this exciting but somehow it doesn't. By the end when cowboy hat wearing lunatics are gunning it out on an ice cap, you know you've lost it. At least, it always looks pretty. Ken Russell rarely makes an ugly mess.

Spencer P (jp) wrote: Funny, colorful, and surprisingly skillful, this may be the only flashy movie musical that could accurately (and entertainingly) reflect the chaos, redundancy, and phony showmanship of other flashy movie musicals.