Ma quando arrivano le ragazze?

Ma quando arrivano le ragazze?

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Ma quando arrivano le ragazze? torrent reviews

Akin O (kr) wrote: loved the movie......

Melvin W (ru) wrote: Do not waste you time watching this rubbish, it's 90 minutes you'll never get back.

Peter P (mx) wrote: Wow, when snakes on a plane came out, I thought it missed the point, it should have been campier, so when I heard about snaked on a train, I had high hopes that it would have been what inspired it was not. Sadly, I was wrong. Snakes on a train could have been a great fun movie, but instead of taking a similar premise of having snakes get loose on a train, they went with a whole voodoo thing about a woman possessed by snakes, and they get into other people, and go from Gardner Snakes to Boas for no apparent reason. Stupid. So, it sucks, and that is not even going into the terrible acting, direction, sets, props and CGI. All of that stuff sucking would have been fine, but they just messed up the story so much that it was impossible to enjoy all the other stuff. Although, if you ever get a chance to check out the blooper reel, I highly recommend it. It only has one thing on it, which is the train conductor trying to say "We have a run away train" which he just can't say to save his life. Priceless.

Micha F (jp) wrote: excellent documentary, very impressive. just watch it. you'll probably learn a lot - and start thinking about food.

Barbara F (ag) wrote: love this movie angelina is a great actress

Jonathan L (us) wrote: Why would Peru disguise himself as Magoo?

Jason T (mx) wrote: Robert Duvall steals the show here. The writing is a bit weak and not that original but watching Duvall makes up for it.

Mike C (ag) wrote: Great start, little slow on the finish. The movie tells the story of perhaps the most famous and controversial psychology study. As a film buff and, more importantly, a psych minor, I had to watch.Kinsey is another famous psychologist and Sarsgaard was also in that movie, which I gave a perfect score after both viewings. Sarsgaard does a good job in this playing a demure intellectual.The opening scene sucks you in. Even if you're not aware of the study, and perhaps more if you are, you want to watch to know and learn more. I found myself thinking of different variables...all the different things that could change how the teacher reacts.In the end, the movie is not so much about the actual study as it is about what happened after. Plenty can be learned from watching the movie, but it's not a documentary about the study's findings. As for the movie, there are infinite ways to make a movie. At first, I found the methods employed in this a little lazy and gimmicky. I came to appreciate them as it put more focus on the study. But if those gimmicks worked early on, they were less impressive late in the film.