Ma vie en cinémascope

Ma vie en cinémascope

1952, Québec - Alys Robi, vocalist at the top of her popularity and recognized worldwide, was interned in spite of herself, by her father. Medical authorities prescribe her the only cure ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:French,English,Spanish,Latin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ma vie en cinémascope 2004 full movies, Ma vie en cinémascope torrents movie

1952, Québec - Alys Robi, vocalist at the top of her popularity and recognized worldwide, was interned in spite of herself, by her father. Medical authorities prescribe her the only cure ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ma vie en cinémascope torrent reviews

Joan O (jp) wrote: creepy movie - the ending is a ?

Bill L (ru) wrote: Dear Lord where to begin, Someone please stop Charles Dickins spinning in his grave. Anyway they've got a Brittaney Spears/Lindsey Lohan type starlet self destructing just before her new movies premiere.. chokes to death on an Olive from the oversize martini that seems surgically attached to her hand. Freshly dead celeb appears to her publicist blah blah blah... Well in the classic Christmas Carol we were scared witless looking at Marley with chains all over the place. This Gen X version is covered in Versace, Valentino... etc.etc. plus she hangs out with Publicist Sloane who is sleeping with her boss as she works to beat out her last boyfriend for a VP position..Long story short Of course Sloane turns it around with visits from ghosts in the form of her ex-boyfriends Past, Present, & Future... Her "Bob Crachett" is an overworked secretary who's Christmas gift from Sloane is getting to go home early from the Memorial Service/Movie Premier that Sloane promoted for the dead starlet. Dead Starlet's reward for scaring Sloane straight is after years of out of control behavior after Sloane is "reformed" gets a splashy full wing on ascention to heaven with sparkle and glitter... Sloane's big revelation that made her turn it around was not the combo from the original of facing his own mortality plus tiny tims Oh no Sloane does see her future self flat line in a barren hospital room (She seemed most affected by lack of flowers) and her best friend lose her restaurant and forced to work at Applebes Horrors! To say this is Juvenile is an insult to juveniles, The Message from this Message picture is Rules for the Beautiful people continue into the Afterlife (Starlet is so ready to move on and see James Dean etc..) and that those you've treated like trash will forgive you everything if you are young and pretty... Bad movie, horrible Christmas movie.

Lisa P (mx) wrote: This was an excellent and inspirational movie. Terence Howard, Bernie Mac, Kimberly Elise and the other actors were great!

SV G (es) wrote: Really really really baddddd...Not that dolly - the movie. Just a really bad Child's Play rip-off. We couldn't even pay attention anymore by the end ....gets my PU rating. (what in the world was Rip Torn doing in this stinker?)

Jesse O (ag) wrote: this movie influenced a generation of cholos

Sarah F (jp) wrote: i would like to see this

Jamie M (gb) wrote: It took me literally all day to finish this, I started it in the morning - fell asleep - woke up, tried to watch more, got bored. Took a break and went to do stuff, rinse and repeat about 2 more times. Finally just now finished it and it's bedtime. I just didn't care at all for the film or the couple. The film was "pretty" but not enough to save it.

Lauren G (us) wrote: really bad film. the ending was unexplained and just thrown in for shock it made no sense. loads of holes in the plot and nothing was explained very well, accompanied by a terrible script and mediocre acting. a lack of character development combined with similar looking actors resulted in constant questions. reading a plot summary from a website was needed for closure, I wouldn't have understood any of it without one.

Kevin C (jp) wrote: Middle East politics and foreign policy in a nutshell.