Maailmanmestarit 2011

Maailmanmestarit 2011


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Tommy D (us) wrote: About Time is most certainly one of the best made romantic comedies of the last decade: it's original, it's genuine, beautifully shot and the perfect soundtrack is just the cherry on top of the cake.What an amazing job done by director Richard Curtis, who also wrote the screenplay.For sure it has its flaws, like any other movie with time travel in them, but the honesty and the positive emotions that this movie can give largely make up for any of those flaws.Terrific performance from Rachel McAdams and heartwelming chemistry between her and Domhnall Gleeson.One of the very few movies that I enjoy watching again.

Abi V (ca) wrote: the special effects were a tad iffy but twas still gd

Roxanne R (gb) wrote: Mediocre plot/storyline, mediocre acting and lack of creativity gives this one low marks..A New Year??s bash in an abandoned high-rise building turns into a grisly bloodbath when six guests receive a mysterious text invite to a VIP party on the 27th floor. The folks shortly after arriving to the site believe the party is some sort of game where riddles need to be solved. After one of them is found killed, then they realize that they are trapped and the only way out is through the twisted clues of a murderous psychopath. The catch? Each game or riddle leads to one of their own gruesome deaths.. Even the ending was weak?this is nothing resembling SAW, or the CUBE sorry to say..Like I mentioned the script and the acting are very weak and the movie leaves a lot to be desired..a loser big time! Don??t even bother renting it?.

Lu L (de) wrote: this is one of my mom's favorite movies. she recommended to me years ago but the plot never seemed interesting enough, at least for me, to spend the time to watch it. however, i picked up the DVD from the cabinet this summer, right before i was about to leave for Paris, and watched it... needless to say, this film is not of extraordinary, but of speaking of the hearts. i know EXACTLY why my mom loved it that much - because she could strongly relate to what the mother had been through in the movie. and even me myself, can relate to the daughter character too... i felt as if i was looking at a mirror or reading my mind when i was watching the movie. it made me astonished but fear quickly followed. nevertheless, it's about family, trust, forgiveness, and the love that bounds everything together - the love that made everything mattered, as well as "not mattered".

David A (ru) wrote: (from The Watermark 03/01/98) Hands down, one of the worst, if not the worst film of the year. What could have been a light and stylized statement on relationships and social status turns out to be a senseless, unfocused melodrama with some of the worst dialogue to ever grace the silver screen. Nolte is a plumber who is married to Christie, a retired B-movie actress. Through some stilted plot devices and mechanized coincidences, Nolte has an affair with a young maternity-crazed housewife (Boyle), whose repressed yuppie husband (Miller) happens to fall for older woman Christie. It is astounding how many things happen in the film, yet it somehow manages to completely conceal just what the hell is going on. Miller is a jerk. Christie had a daughter by another man and hasn't heard from her in 8 years. They all have drinking problems. One couple is poor, while one is rich. Everyone is surrounded by cigarette smoke and mirrors. And then there's -- oh, hell, I can't possibly list all of the pointless of crap in this waste of celluloid! Christie, who is up for an Oscar because she made some movies back in the 60's and nobody's heard from her in while, is pretty well cast in her role, but functional at best with the hideously awful material. QUEER QUOTIENT: Miller, best known for playing the adorably imbalanced Sick Boy in Trainspotting, is just beautiful, with or without the bad bleach job. But even staring at his face couldn't make sitting through this film even remotely pleasurable. Oh - and one of his co-workers comes out to him for some reason that the film doesn't specify.

Jordan G (ru) wrote: Horrifying and claustrophobic with stellar performances by Michael Shannon and Ashley Judd. It is restricted by being chiefly a play set to film, but a very good one at that. Friedkin holds no punches, and there were moments I had to look away from the screen because the action was so off-putting. But the actors/characters matched the drama and I believed them the whole time.

Yannick D (kr) wrote: Dated CGI, paper-thin human characters and a story devoid of flair or internal logic is what you get from the live-action adaptation of the popular comic strip. All of which wouldn't have mattered that much had the movie ever provoked more than just a few chuckles.