Maan Abhiman

Maan Abhiman

Film starring Raj Kiran, Kavita Kiran and Yunus Parvez

Young and enthusiastic Ajay Choudhary returns home to his widowed father, Mathuraprasad, sister, Rekha, and her fiancé, Dr. Ravikant. His father instructs him to take over the business as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Maan Abhiman torrent reviews

sarah r (gb) wrote: not interested in this film

William F (kr) wrote: Wow....just wow...floored....highly recommended... on Netflix

Alex W (de) wrote: A very interesting very independent doc that might not sound good at a glance. What happens when you have a group of highly educated intelligent grad students at a menial job with lots of down time. They spend there time inventing games and coming up with clever parking lot related jokes. I guess i related to these guys a lot.

Maxx D (au) wrote: Wanted something easy to watch after a long day and love Cusack so gave this a spin. Good, silly fun that we've all seen a thousand times but fitted the moment.

Tracey H (au) wrote: seen it gotta love it..

Stuart M (nl) wrote: Nandita apparently was upset at her role being rewritten. I sympathise - this movie was dire in the extreme. Avoid, yaar!

Scott M (it) wrote: Wonderful movie about a completely random guy who gets setup with a hooker for his birthday. The two of them like each other so much that they get married, but the guy still has to tell the girls pimp that she's off limits. So well written by Tarantino. Some of the best dialog I've heard. It would be one of my favorites if it didn't have such horrible cinematography. Too many closeups of faces.

Marc L (jp) wrote: Le film de genre la franaise, on le sait, c'est souvent pas trs glop. Avec "La meute", on ecope pour une fois d'un produit legrement plus convaincant que la moyenne. Cte pile, la touche "Chez les chtis, on pleure deux fois : quand on arrive et quand ils vous jettent en pture leurs goules" bien servie par une Yolande Moreau en roue libre et un Benjamin Biolay convaincant dans le genre mutique, quelques elements franchement decales et de sympathiques - on se comprend - creatures mangeuses de touristes. Cte face, un scenario dont les peripeties se telescopent de faon particulirement bordelique et un facteur "action" l'electroencephalogramme plat. On est encore loin de la maitrise que possdent l'Espagne, le Japon ou mme la Norvge en la matire mais, imperceptiblement, "La meute" dispose d'une personnalite suffisamment affirmee pour qu'on puisse le considerer comme un pas dans la bonne direction.

Chris (nl) wrote: Pretty boring up until near the end which is surprising since it's got two actors (William Holden and Richard Widmark) I enjoy quite a bit.

Jono F (it) wrote: Majorly plagerises the plot for Blues Brothers.-Important place will be closed down-Trying to put a band (team) back together to stop it-Travel the country assembling people-Put on a big show, using the money to keep the place open

Margaret W (gb) wrote: I used to watch The Reluctant Dragon all the time when I was younger, and I loved the little moose story... but I don't think there was the Walt Disney tour thing.