Akilan and Vimalan are the conjoined twins of genetic scientist Ramachandran, whose company makes Energion, a dietary supplement that promises to make geniuses out of children. When Russian journalist Volga tells them that there is something fishy about Energion and is mysteriously found dead, their lives are turned topsy-turvy.

Ramachandran (Sachin Khedekar) is a genetic scientist who is a genius. His wife delivers conjoined twins Akilan and Vimalan (Suriya in dual role). After the birth of his children, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (au) wrote: "West Side Story" meets "Grease," meets "Back To The Future" with an extra dose of "shoot me in the face." However, it is cute for the kids

Chris M (nl) wrote: This movie upset me in ways that are actually difficult to put into words. It starts with an interesting set-up, a Canadian chef arrives in New Delhi to be a stay-at-home Dad while his diplomat wife begins a new job at the Canadian High Commission. A culture clash ensues when the chef tries to convince their local cook, Stella, to be his teacher in the ways of Southern Indian food. But the second half of the movie goes awry, narratively and morally. It is drenched in such awful cynicism that I was left feeling like I needed to take a shower. I'm no expert on these issues, but I understand corruption is a genuinely problematic issue in the developing world, so I can't see how we're meant to feel sympathy for the emotionally manipulative thieves depicted here.

Peter P (ru) wrote: Not bad for such a low budget

Sofia C (nl) wrote: A romantic comedy about the challenges of love and marriage in all of their humor, tragedy, imperfection and triumph.

Jamin M (jp) wrote: Wow. Audiences didn't really like this film, huh? I don't see many thing wrong with it. It's not perfect, but I thought vit was good. The story is well-written, the acting is superb, and it really pulls your heartstrings. I love the struggle that Jimmy had to go through. I felt so bad for him. The character himself is also good. Eminem did pretty well for his first time acting. I also like the accurate portrayal of Detroit. This film made me feel even more bad for Eminem. The movie also powerful and very inspirational. I absolutely adore "Lose Yourself". You really get sucked into Jimmy's journey and you really want him to succeed and take his opportunity. The only problem I sort of have is that Jimmy and Alex's relationship felt a bit rushed, but it's not that bad. Powerful and emotional, 8 Mile is a pretty good triumph

Adam L D (kr) wrote: Repugnant only saving grace is the performance of 12 yr old Anais Reboux as the younger overweight sister of sexy, flirty older 15 yr old sister. Ending is horrific and almost startingly awful. Unless you like watching movies with 15 yrs olds having graphic sex avoid.

Mitchell M (us) wrote: It has its problems, but "Cast Away" offers a potent story of survival nevertheless, with yet another brilliant performance from Tom Hanks.

Maeva F (gb) wrote: tortilla soup is the rip off of this original. love!

Margarita S (ag) wrote: The first few scenes of this film are beautifully and theatrically choreographed. They are visually appealing and quite difficult to pull off with such fluidity. Fellini makes his viewers feel like they're right in the centre of the action. It's initially a clever film with some overarching commentary on feminism, but it quickly stumbles down a rabbit hole with Fellini's fantastical style erupting into a mish-mash of scenes that lose the thread. Too bad it got away from him. Some really imaginative and strange individual scenes though.

Jonathan H (de) wrote: fun afternoon type movie, some good laughs

Christian M (de) wrote: The best film Sony ever made i'm callin it