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San Francisco's dramatic skyline, steep streets and dynamic atmosphere all co-star in this carefully crafted portrait of an independent, free-spirited group of bike riders doing what they love in the City by the Bay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (us) wrote: A charming though minor little movie about Freda Kelly, Brian Epstein's secretary and head of The Beatles fan club from 1963 to 1973. A shy and unassuming woman, she tells her story from the heart as she is ushered to places she obviously hasn't seen in forty years. You can see in her eyes as she connects with her memories. For a Beatles fan like me , this is a heartwarming andf informative narrative.

Jason J (mx) wrote: If you're expecting Matsumoto's 2nd movie to be like Big Man Japan then you're in for a surprise as it's completely different in tone but no less funny nevertheless. Symbol see-saws between two stories and is shown in three chapters which are labeled Education, Implementation and Future. There's the story of an out-of-shape Mexican wrestler known as "Escargot Man" as he prepares for a title fight in some tiny dusty little village. And simultaneously, there's the story being told of a Japanese man who awakes to find himself in a large, all white rectangular room with no doors or windows. How are these two stories linked together - well at first they don't but just wait until the final third when both plots start combine together in a very hilarious way.Symbol is a very odd situational comedy. It's silly yet artsy, thoughtful in parts, anarchic in its delivery and overall plain crazy. I have no idea what it was about though, its meaning or what it's meant to symbolize. It defies attempts to categorize it. Very unique and entertaining throughout, even though the last fifteen minutes get really bizarre and kind of artsy. This movie is not to be missed. You will probably never see anything quite as weird and funny like this. I loved it. Hitoshi Matsumoto is a clever and intelligent comedian. Highly recommended.

Dina Z (au) wrote: A very good movie, but still lacked (in my opinion) character depth. I would still recommend seeing it.

Abid H (mx) wrote: Amitabh is brilliant as always and carries the film. Salman is a nob (as he mostly is nowadays); considering Amitabh is supposedly Salman's hero, he did a pretty lame job. John Abraham puts in a good performance considering he shares screen time with Amitabh. Rani is ok. This is a family film with a serious underlying message of how widows are treated in India. Women-folk will love it.

Panayiotis P (jp) wrote: Taineia Gia mora kato ton 5 xronon ..Auta ;)

Terri M (es) wrote: SUPER GORY! Very cheesy and very very funny! Loved it!

John D (br) wrote: Spoiler filled reviewFrom the opening sequence you know that you are going to get a Motorcycle Cowboy flick. That Genre style is something I think they nailed. Hell, they created the whole story around it. They changed the origin a bit by skipping the whole adoptive family (Roxanne(TM)s family) and brought Barton Blaze straight into the mix. Dying of cancer no doubt. Side note: It was Roxanne(TM)s father (Crash Simpson) that had the cancer. I could probably write another couple page(TM)s talking about what Mark Steven Johnson left out in terms of source material so, let(TM)s just move on to the review. Peter Fonda plays Mephisto aka The Devil. Peter Fonda adds credibility to a motorcycle Cowboy flick due to his role in Easy Rider? Sure he does. I loved Sam Elliot(TM)s narration and the fact they brought Carter Slade (The original Ghost Rider) into the story. Without Carter Slade, Nicolas Cage would still be pointing at himself in a mirror somewhere. (I(TM)m meaning that the character helps push along the storyline , get it?) What about the main character? Johnny Blaze is played by the sometimes maniacal Nicholas Cage. In this vision of his character Blaze is a huge star in the stunt bike circuit. For some reason he has decided to channel Elvis Presley. Ok, Cage we know that you like Elvis. Don(TM)t taint my favorite Marvel character with your jellybeans & love for Karen Carpenter. Black Heart could have been so much more than the c-list villain he is. He played more like an un-caring? Dark Heart instead of Black Heart. , Look it up Care Bear. Although sucking people dry would be useful at times. He manages to assemble a couple f-list fallen angels Gressil, Wallow, Abigor to help in his fight for the contract of San Benganza. Actually they are so F-List that this is their first appearance in any type of media including comic books. Making up character(TM)s when there is a plethora to choose from is a big no-no in my book Mr. Johnson. Eva Mendes as Roxanne Simpson? I(TM)m still trying to understand how that happened. Her nervous I loveyou but can(TM)t say it? act is horrible. At times it(TM)s like she(TM)s still playing her character from Hitch. God she(TM)s horrible! As for Ghost Rider? Probably the saving grace throughout this movie. I thought he was done well minus the stiff, Frankenstein moments. And I could have done without the crazy-cage?.I wish Ghost Rider would have had more screen time. But when your competing for Nicolas Cage's facetime you will always lose. Badass Bike though. Loved the melting pavement bit.Let(TM)s be clear here. The Penance Stare does not kill anyone. I don(TM)t think the director got that point across.With all the things I disliked about this movie it all comes back to the simple fact that It(TM)s Ghost Rider. And for that reason alone is what keeps me watching this movie. Ghost Rider on screen, that(TM)s what(TM)s important. When you've grown up with a character and you finally get a movie with said character it really doesn't matter how bad or good it is. Just seeing that character in a movie is special enough. Oh, and seeing the Old GR riding with the new GR while playing Rider(TM)s in the Sky? is a nice touch. I gotta go now, Nicolas Cage is pointing at me and it(TM)s freakin(TM) me out.Comic Book Movie Plus: Nicholas Cage - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Kick-Ass

Chris W (fr) wrote: For anyone who ever had to attend some sort of summer camp as a youth, you might find something to enjoy with this light heart comedic fantasy.Nerdy Morris "Mud" Himmel is not enthused about the prospect of having to spend the summer at a boring, generic computer camp. His friends are equally as unenthusiastic about being sent to their special summer camps as well, which include a theater camp, military camp, and fat camp. Things take a turn for the awesome though when Mud gets the idea to create their own, secret camp. To pull this off, they enlist the help of crazy high school drama teacher Dennis Van Welker who acts as mentor and camp counselor when they create the camp of their dreams at a former hippie commune. It's the ultimate summer fantasy come to life. There are basically no rules (save for not getting caught), and, best of all, no adults are in charge, save for maybe Dennis, but even he only marginally counts as an adult authority figure type. Things start off great like you might expect, with the kids going totally wild. Of course, reality does set in, and the kids must come to terms with life, and, whether they like it or not, their coming of age might be fun, but it won't be without tough times and valuable life lessons.This is a fun movie, and I really loved it as a kid. Back then though, I wasn't viewing movies through the lens of both enjoyment and artistic merit. As such, this movie isn't as great as I remember, and is indeed, really formulaic and predictable. But it's still a lot of fun though, and can be enjoyed even more when looked at through the lens of 90s kitsch, of which this film is overflowing. The acting is pretty typical of kid's movie (by and large), but it's not the worst thing in the world either. Plus, they managed to get a really notable cast of adult actors, including Christopher Lloyd as Van Welker, Thomas F. Wilson as a lawman, M. Emmett Walsh as a different lawman, Wendy Makkena (the shy nun from the Sister Act movies), Star Trek alums Kate Mulgrew and Jonathan Frakes as parents of some of the kids, and, in a brief cameo, Burgess Meredith as an old hippie who instills his ideas of freedom into Mud. The cast is there, the concept is there, so had the script and the acting also been a little better, then yeah, this could conceivably been a fondly remembered cult classic instead of a slightly above average youth romp.Look, I like this movie, but will admit that it's really not all that special. It's a lot of fun, and certainly not boring, but there are far better kid oriented films of the 90s that stick to the ribs better than this one. It's still a noble effort, though.

Michael A (de) wrote: Not really a remake but a reimagining of the 1972 film of the same name..Caine and Law do a fine job with cutting edge dialog.

Anna L (jp) wrote: Can't go wrong with Bogart and Bacall.

Brendan N (ru) wrote: works okay and the film attempts a lot. could of been more of a roller-coaster but it misses that. good for a night in but it won't be the cult favorite it was apiring to be

Tom M (fr) wrote: There are a lot of similarities to the original but everything new to Halloween II does not mix well with what worked in the first place.

Nol D (au) wrote: Edgar Allan Poe's surely turning, rolling & thrashing in his grave at this atrocity.

Allison O (au) wrote: I am fairly unfamiliar with the films creators however I'm a huge fan of the Wiener-Dog breed. DO NOT watch if you are a fan if Wiener dogs. This movie DOES have a great intermission I'd suggest to any Wiener-dog lover but the rest has very little to do with the poor dog.