A man on the run in the Far East is mistaken for an undercover cop.

Nick Cochran, an American in exile in Macao, has a chance to restore his name by helping capture an international crime lord. Undercover, can he mislead the bad guys and still woo the handsome singer/petty crook, Julie Benson? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Macao torrent reviews

Grant H (mx) wrote: Hit a strong note on a personal level, which is why my avoidance to watch upon initial release. Solid enough to cast aside caution.

Zenkai T (es) wrote: A very well-filmed strong documentary about the horror of war and also the horror that follows the people involve on it even after returning home.

Alejandro M (it) wrote: Con momentos muy garciosos.. muy buenas actuaciones... bien lograda, y un buen cambio en la historia que la da punch

Nikolas G (us) wrote: quite and slow film . a sarcastic view to formality of a local police station and the personal life of a young cop in Romania

Skyler B (fr) wrote: Stick it... in the trash can.

John D (fr) wrote: Star wars revenge of the sith manages to be the best of the prequels, with it's more fleshed out story, great character conflicts, and overall improved film-making. while it does have some questionable moments, it's still very enjoyable.

Jim A (mx) wrote: A pretty fun spoof of pirate movies. You know it would have had Jack Sparrow jokes if it was made ten years later. While in typical Muppet fashion its often pretty funny but is one of the weaker Muppet flicks because it feels like it has too much Treasure Island and not enough Muppets

Irvin C (mx) wrote: This is a film that has many layers of insanity and I absolutely love it, not quite as much as "Aguirre, Wrath of God" but I still do. Basically, it's all about a man who treks deep into the jungles of the Amazon river and enlists natives to help him drag a steamboat over a hill to the other side of the river in order for him to earn enough money so he can build an opera house in the Amazon village where he lives. It's as insane as it sounds and I love it. Even more insane is the fact that they actually did it on film. The passion that the title character has for this project is very much reflective of the passion of director Werner Herzog and his star, Klaus Kinski.

Matthew R (fr) wrote: I wanted to poke my eyes out after watching this pile of hot garbage.

Sabilla B (de) wrote: shut up, jude is perfection

Matthew C (ag) wrote: Fay Wray is the rather cute damsel in distress in this silly, but extremely fun squeaky-door/bump in the night murder mystery of Science! If there had never been another movie like it, this could probably have single-handedly inspired Scooby-Doo. The supposed hero is a bumbling prankster of a reporter. The rogues gallery of potential villains are all wonderful caricatures (the entire science department is staffed by freaks!). Very campy fun.

Jen W (ru) wrote: Plain and simple, I loved it.

Martin D (ru) wrote: pretty good movie with Val Kilmer, with a pretty good end, Michael Madsen is best