Orson Welles' unique take on Shakespeare's classic tragedy.

In fog-dripping, barren and sometimes macabre settings, 11th-century Scottish nobleman Macbeth is led by an evil prophecy and his ruthless yet desirable wife to the treasonous act that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maxim D (au) wrote: I don't like Karan Johar movies but this is one of the exceptions. Based on the fictionalized novel by Chetan Bhagat which in turn was based on his real life events takes a mixed approach to re-tell the old fable about accepting one's dream, family, in-laws and also people of other cultures. Apart from the usual song and dance which is quite boring this movie also has some uniqueness to it. I was reluctant at first but glad that I watched it. Almost a tragedy with a happy ending, who would not like it?

Isaac C (jp) wrote: Still better than Movie 43

Joann R (br) wrote: i was brought to tears from this movie... a story of redemption by the saving grace of God. It leads to an unexpecting turn for the worst but in the end the peace of God's will.

Private U (ag) wrote: Not the greatest storyline but it was hella funny. The burger king scene made me laugh loads^_^


Donna D (nl) wrote: Singers all acting in a movie. But it was cool because I like Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Tone-Loc. Simple movie with amazing poetry quotes from Maya Angelou. I enjoyed the movie and one of my favorites from John Singleton.

Roji A (jp) wrote: Loved it.. what a great feel-good movie.. :)

Francisco G (au) wrote: Wow! What the bloody hell have I just watched?Hilariously awful post apocalyptic thriller that looks like rubbish from start to finnish, with a campy story of Amazon like woman dominatrixes on a world where men are as dumb as cave man. But there's a men tribe led by an educated fellow who thinks he can restore love and affection back onto females. Amazing!

Carla R (nl) wrote: My second favorite movie of all time!! This was my baby LL's debut!!

u (us) wrote: I enjoyed watching this movie. Actually I was expecting worse but ended up over my expectations.

Brian P (es) wrote: Pretty fricking bad to say the least. I highly recommend not watching it.

Don S (it) wrote: This is downright awful. Lugosi plays the whole movie hunched over like a gorilla, doing the worst acting I've seen from the man (and he doesn't have much depth to begin with from what I've seen); the man in the gorilla suit (Littlefield) does a poor job of playing an ape; and there is not enough direction to bring together the sparse story and the ridiculous characters and wrap it into a coherent whole.

Jeremiah L (br) wrote: Very nice, love the Ink Spots and Tip Tap and Toe bits. I also watched It Ain't Hay today which was above average for A&C. It had Eugene Pallette who I always get a kick out of watching

Eric L (de) wrote: without a doubt the greatest movie ever made at least in my opinion its everything you could ever want romance drama some comedy the best performance of all 4 of the main star's careers. its just the ultimate definition of a hollywood blockbuster.

Jos C (ru) wrote: No tuvo tanta accion ni drama como la primera pero igual entretiene

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Not an absolutely terrible addition to the kiddies animation canon, an orphan is transported to the future in hopes of finding the family he's never had. Only for the kiddies. The writing's flawed, the charaterization weak, the plot predictable. But it's not terrible.

Tom K (au) wrote: An engaging and powerful thriller based on actual events. And like reality, don't expect a happy ending.

Norberto F (es) wrote: is a wolfcop movie. what were you expecting?!!!?!?! is a well made action/comedy movie.

Brent C (us) wrote: This one moves a little slow at times and runs a little long. A fair bit of time is spent on developing the characters of the main drivers. The last half picks up quite a bit and is very good.