A Hungarian TV version of the play shot in just two takes.

A Hungarian TV version of the play shot in just two takes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Macbeth torrent reviews

Khadija A (de) wrote: it was ok...there is a surprize thrown in that wasn't expected but after that it kind of just gets boring

Brian C (ca) wrote: Beautiful story about Adam and Eve, vampires who have been in love for centuries trying to cope with a changing world.Everything about this movie is lovely....the characters, the acting, the story, and progression they take.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Dull. Not a long movie, but it feels long. Just drifts from the first minute to the last, and ultimately goes nowhere. Quite pointless.

Precious M (br) wrote: laftrip with lots of hearts!!!! :) one of those good korean movies :)

Michael T (ca) wrote: Interesting look at the Afghanistan version of American Idol.

DJ J (de) wrote: this movie was heart breaking to watch

Tim C (ru) wrote: Important and Moving Movie!

Bradley E (kr) wrote: this is hands down the best ski movie next to aspen extreme. (exclude all of warren miller films)

Catherine K (br) wrote: William Hurt's monotone performance ruined this movie. It made me realize Hurt always plays the same character and that works if he's properly cast. Totally miscast in this film so the director and casting deserve a kick in the pants too.

Greg B (it) wrote: Great film.Warren Oates best performance.Peckinpah's best film other then Starw Dogs and The Wild Bunch.The forbearer of Tarantino and Lynch style black comedy/action film. Absolutely bleak, Peckinpah's "Touch of Evil"

Garrett K (de) wrote: Guess Who truly has its moments but not nearly enough of them to equalize the pressure induced by Percy and his inadvertently uncomfortable and poorly justified dialogue which mostly contains such blatant racism that its target audience (which isn't all that clear) may actually find it offensive. Furthermore, Mac and Kutcher share a painfully scarce amount of chemistry.