MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis

MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis

Hunting artifacts attributed to Zenon (an ancient scientist from Atlantis), MacGyver and his old professor end up searching for the lost city.

MacGyver and his former college professor are first hunting some artifacts attributed to Zenon, an ancient scientist from Atlantis, and later the lost city of Atlantis itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon N (es) wrote: Average animation with a dull storytelling style story.

John Eric D (gb) wrote: Charlize Theron is being a messy, dark and being so crazy. A woman chasing this ex bf on her old town which made her depression cause shes crazy in love with this guy Buddy Slade. Charlize is amazing in it. She is so awesome on her comeback performance, she is just being natural and wild at the same time on this very complicated role of a woman. Though the film is not being funny, but it tells a story of the dark side of a martyr woman that somebody could relate off. Amazing screenplay, amazing performances, and another "must see" Reitman film for young adults like us.

Shireen H (fr) wrote: I really liked this movie. I think it's notable that it introduces the concept of gratitude, well before it hit mainstream. It offered genuine, positive ideas. Malin did the best job, then Zoe. The relationship between Josh's character and Rasheen was great, but the one with Kate's was weak.I think it would be better for Josh if he had someone else star in his movies.

Brett E (fr) wrote: Engaging only at times, it even felt long at 90 minutes. It's not bad if you're interested in this real life story, and it's got some interesting additions compared to other documentaries, but it certainly doesn't live up to its 4-star hype.

Patricia C (gb) wrote: Story is too boring~ Only ugly animal i can see~

Larry Y (ca) wrote: ALIEN ripoff in a supermarket

Gustolfo T (it) wrote: Lo mejor de la pelcula es que Aquaman no sale ms de 1 minuto.

Brett C (ca) wrote: not a bad movie i enjoyed waching it...

bill s (kr) wrote: Some were good and some not so much.

Mayank A (jp) wrote: When it started it had the vibe of "snatch" and "lock stock and smoking barrels " with the many characters and crime, but it was missing the main ingredient which made those movie work- Humor. It is stylish and dull at the same time. The ending is actually great but otherwise it just another Crime thriller.

Hardy H (ca) wrote: This film hits all the wrong notes for me. It is frustrating and unbelievable. While the intention to do something different in the romance genre is commentable,the movie itself isn't. Main characters' acts/dares are often hurtful and selfish not only for themselves but also for the others around. Not the kind of true love story we need.

Sean H (ca) wrote: This movie I rated 5 stars for a reason. David spade is vary funny in this movie just because it's PG 13 doesn't mean anything to me . Just his comments made me laugh until it hurt . I can't tell you what it's about cause you have to see the movie.

Nadine B (au) wrote: Interesting idea, but oh my god...I could follow it, but the film seemed to last forever...I thought an hour had gone by half an hour in.

Bri B (ag) wrote: I guess Liam has to do at least one bad movie in his career. He's good in more comedic roles, just not this one. But he and Sandra are cute.

Miles D (ru) wrote: Japanese culture has long progressed since its imperialistic days of World War II, but anti-war and the concept of life being temporary has remained omnipresent. Japanese animations that hit American theaters are often fun, creative plots that are more eccentric and interesting than a Pixar movie.Grave of the Fireflies is arguably one of the most prominent Studio Ghibli movies because it deviates far from this norm, but in the way studios of Japan, untarnished at the time by the impending influence of making films that will gross well, can do successfully. The film opens with a shocking scene showing the main character of the film, a young boy named Seita, dying alone in a train station. The film then follows the life of Seita and Setsuko, two children in Japan who become parentless and homeless during World War II, showing the events that culminate to this scene. When the extended family conflict with the young children, the two small children leave and start a life of their own. As Seita and Setsuko live on their own, life begins to get more difficult as the war makes it difficult even for otherwise financially comfortable citizens to live in.The purely raw emotion that this film emits is heavy-hitting. The minimalistic and simple plot of the movie allows for the two children to develop significantly. Seita from a young age is forced to become a strong father figure to his little sister and provide for her, while resiliently absorbing pain and slowly becoming more expressionless and desensitized. Without any explanation or reveal of how they're thinking, the viewer witnesses their lives unfold and experience the same waves of emotion that they feel. The amount of realism put into this film is also unforgiving, the movie never begins to evolve into a clich "things will eventually get better" stage. What truly separates this film from any animation I have seen is how unforced yet significant the emotion is. There is no heartfelt violin or piano track, no random breaks in character. All the sorrow that is felt stems purely from watching their circumstances grow more onerous. The children try to make things better for themselves, taking on adult responsibilities from the result of destruction that other adults have unleashed in front of them. It becomes apparent that despite their age, they have morally outgrown the brutality they inherited. This is a movie worth seeing not only to experience an emotional roller coaster but to provoke thought after watching how harsh humanity really is through the innocent eyes of a child. 5/5

Brock C (ag) wrote: The ultimate low budget Cult classic, plus, Keith Morris cameo.

Cooper H (ca) wrote: Dredd is campy fun but also ridiculous. Diane Lane and Stallone are good, but Rob Schneider is unbearable.

Aaron C (us) wrote: fun romcom for disenchanted blokes with an affinity for He-Man, Captain America (& Captain Crunch). funny if you let it be, with a crazy bunch of friends.

Evan M (fr) wrote: Offering deep mysteries and sometimes-confusing flashbacks, Saw challenges the mind with moral dilemmas, and even though its ending is phenomenal, the acting is sub-par and occasionally awkward.