Two friends, Manoj (Gihan De Chickera), a bartender, and Stanley (Dharmapriya Dias), a fruit vendor, wish to immigrate to the West to seek their fortune, but have difficulties getting their visa applications approved. They come across an application to a handball tournament in Bavaria, and not even knowing what the game is, they submit themselves and a group of friends as the "Sri Lanka National Handball Team". For appearance's sake, they begin minimal training and then seek travel visas from the German Embassy. Their plans to simply escape into the West upon arrival in Germany are thwarted by the quick appearance of the tournament organizers and an arena of fans eager to see the prowess of the Sri Lanka National Handball Team.

The real story of the not-so real Sri Lanka National Handball Team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Machan torrent reviews

Marcus B (ca) wrote: It is impossible not to love this movie - one minute it will make you laugh out loud, only to break your heart in the next and it will make you keep your breath in amazement for all of 88 minutes it lasts. Mother Nature proves once again that it can effortlessly best even the best film directors, if only someone can manage to be bothered with filming the great spectacle of life in the wild. Huge thanks must be given to the Joubert couple for this movie. Oh, and yes, having Jeremy Irons as narrator was a stroke of genius!

Owen D (de) wrote: If you're going to have a killer who is a wrestler, why the fuck doesn't he kill people with wrestling moves? I saw like a splash and maybe one more. I mean really why not a neck breaker that really breaks a neck, brainbuster that smashes a skull, a powerbomb on a spike! i can think of a lot. also there was a lot of random ass shots. it was like a softcore porno with hardly any nudity and sex. every chance the director got it was a close up of a womans ass as she walked. It wasn't even funny bad, and you hated all the characters in the first couple minutes.

Tonny M (fr) wrote: The best Norwegian movie ever. I really liked the way they interpreted the story, they didn't exaggerate or blew it out of proportion. Very impressed by this =)

Private U (kr) wrote: Greatest Movie ever Made!

Robert L (it) wrote: A film critic caught in a David Lynch movie. Ribald. Martin Short is one of the funniest people alive. Give it a chance.

Adam R (kr) wrote: A little dumber than the first Shrek, but it's a funny and entertaining sequel with a spark of magic. (First viewing - Summer 2004 in theaters)

Jennie R (ca) wrote: This is B-movie material to the maximum! With that being said, the story/script was really good but the acting was terrible. The black & white deal made it look just cheap. This movie could make a REALLY great movie with the right cast and budget.

Denise H (jp) wrote: so. It's a good movie, but it could have been better. It's one of those movies you think is about to get interesting and then you see the credits. But if you're an Ito Junji fan, give it a shot. You might like it.

Ender B (kr) wrote: Just when I think Parker Posey and Toni Collett can't get any brillianter, they do!!

Craig L (br) wrote: The first half is so deliciously insane that it's a real drag when the film kinda peters out. After the luxurious mullet, the dwarves, the Loverboy/Aldo Nova-esque hard rawk, the Hitler reveal, and the pedophilia, it's like HRZ had nowhere else to go. Trails Rock n Roll Nightmare, Death Metal Zombies, and Black Roses by many cubits.

Krystal W (it) wrote: Ticket To Heaven is Quite the Fascinating Look into Cult Manipulation and Brainwashing. This is a griping Movie.

Zoran S (nl) wrote: Solid final film from Howard Hawks. It's not on par with his best Westerns, but its exact visuals and pleasant rhythm make it an enjoyable viewing experience.

Bill M (fr) wrote: The characters don't measure up to usual Boetticher standards.

Laura E (nl) wrote: my favorite "Road" movie!!

Matt B (de) wrote: These horror spoof movies need to stop. Scary Movie and Scary Movie 3 were the funniest. Now they're just getting old.

Richard D (ag) wrote: A slight but enjoyable comedy.

Anthony I (es) wrote: Shep Gordon. Perhaps a deity for the rich and famous? He's such a true inspiration, and a gentleman. He deserves to be the center of his own sect of the Jewish faith. Let's face it, it'll be bigger than Kabbalah. Sheptology. Finally, we would have a celebrity-based faith that isn't pure evil.