Machined Reborn

Machined Reborn

When a property in the Sonoran Desert, AZ, fell into default foreclosure and went up for public auction, an eager young newlywed couple jumped at the opportunity to purchase. Little did they know it used to be a torture ground owned by the serial killer "Motorman Dan" whose crimes became the most puzzling in U.S. history. Now, their honeymoon phase has come to a horrifying halt, as the Motorman rises for one more round of terror.

Reborn. A young couple seeking to start a life together purchases a large plot of land in the Sonoran Desert, they think they’ve found their dream home. But this is no ordinary house: It was once the site of gruesome murders by the half-machine serial killer Motorman Dan. Too late, they learn that Motorman’s bloody rampage is far from over. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Machined Reborn torrent reviews

Rachit M (gb) wrote: hideous, Ugly, Gross...

Jack P (gb) wrote: Funniest...thing..ever.

Steve W (ru) wrote: Plays like a soap opera drama with some gunplay. It's not about it being poor, its about it being average and overly serious. The super slo mo in the final gun battle is terrible and so are the deaths. Not one you make an effort to see. But a good usage of sped up shots and a nice score.

Matthew D (au) wrote: Outstanding movie with a powerful message on the dignity of life, the power of love and redemption. Plot was simple but deep. It definately had stong parallels with the Parabel of the Prodigal Son from the Gospel of Luke.

Jamil K (br) wrote: I rarely get caught by a twist in the plot of a movie where you have enough time to think about it, but I did! Excellente ralisation.

Chris C (nl) wrote: I found the information very interesting. Some this was gone over again in "Food Inc." Monsanto is greedy & couldn't care less about farmers or consumers. There, now you don't have to watch it. :)

Andy P (kr) wrote: With a twisted, pitch black sense of humour and the deliberate blurring of fact and fiction to portray the subject as the often exaggerated storyteller he was, Chopper is like a send up/deconstruction of the criminal biopic while being a stellar example of the genre thanks to a scarily good Eric Bana.

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Cyril P (fr) wrote: Lacombe Lucien est en nous. Question.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Well the recasting is weird. George Kennedy and Yul Bryner are nothing alike. Still, this is a great cast and fun sequel. better than the last one.

Michael G (br) wrote: Good Storyline and pretty good action.