Macken - Roy's & Roger's Bilservice

Macken - Roy's & Roger's Bilservice

Roy and Roger decide to close their gasstation for the summer, to try to find where, what and how their lost father is. Roger also falls in love and much more.

Roy and Roger decide to close their gasstation for the summer, to try to find where, what and how their lost father is. Roger also falls in love and much more. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Macken - Roy's & Roger's Bilservice torrent reviews

bradley j (es) wrote: its a fun short film.

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: 66%Never seen Murray in a role I didn't like, the movie however was disappointing.

Smashproplaya (gb) wrote: Amazing movie based on a book Finally no more twilight crap!

Mlanie V (it) wrote: J'ai vraiment aime!!! C'est sur qu'on a pas les jeux de mots a toutes les entournures de phrases comme quand on ecoute Fred mais sa poesie est bien rendue et les personnages sont attachants!

Armando G (au) wrote: "Lo que para nosotros son cosas de la vida, para los nobles son desgracias". Dialogo de Misterios de Lisboa. La Peli tiene no solo la estatura sino la duracion de un SupeTazon del Cine, dura 4.3 HORAS! pero vale totalmente la inversin de Tiempo (ademas de que vuelve necesario el ya muy olvidado espacio del Intermedio que no solo sirve para consumir sino para compartir en el momento las impresiones de la pelicula) , ya de las ultimas pelis de la 53 Muestra Internacional La peli toma lugar en una Lisboa en el siglo XIX que se centra en la historia de Pedro Da Silva, un hurfano que busca saber Quin es, a travs historias de Vida entrelazadas de varios personajes, ademas una camara que a traves del Director Raoul Ruiz se vuelve un personaje ms y no solo un testigo pasivo de una Historia de Drama que en este caso sin dramatizar conserva realmente el Misterio.

Kym c my community profile R (jp) wrote: Chris Pine stars as Rhett Ryan a singer/songwriter who is leaving for Nashville , tho has conflicting emotions to stay with the woman he loves. Chris? real life dad, Robert Pine (the Lt. from Chips) plays his father John Ryan! There?s subtle interconnections between the characters which all lead up to Rhett?s final performance in town. This was cool. A laid back pace, and Chris Pine singing ??? (or just lip synicing?) I think this came out on dvd, tho I think it should have been in the theaters. Maybe they just didn?t know how to market it. C+

Mark G (us) wrote: Dark comedy just moves way too slow. About a woman who turns animal activist after her dog winds up dead near her neighbors house. Molly Shannon is very watchable and there are some funny scenes but as a whole it's just not the best film.

Alex K (kr) wrote: Funny as hell a lot getter then Get Shorty

Ethan B (es) wrote: Not as mindless as it probably should be, the final act in Rodriguez' Mexico Trilogy is only slightly better than the previous film, Desperado. The movie has some really good scenes and lines, but the screenplay is full of things that don't make sense at times. Like, why were they fighting with Marquez to begin with? And when and why was Carolina with Marquez? And why was there hardly any emphasis on their daughter and her being murdered? El Mariachi seemed more concerned about his wife and appeared to have forgotten that his daughter was also killed. A lot was happening in this film and there seemed to not be enough initial motive for the characters besides the fact that this film was about to happen. However, Once Upon a Time in Mexico was more enjoyable than the 2nd act of this trilogy and the acting and characters were amazing. This is definitely the creepiest of all three films. Depp stole the show as Sands and a lot of the supporting characters were very interesting and good. However, the main character hardly seemed to get very much screen time. Also, I kinda wished that they had revisited the boy from the 2nd film that El Mariachi saved and brought to the hospital. It would have been nice to see some of that carryover from the previous movie.After so much being wrong with this film, I still couldn't help but get into it because Rodriguez has strung together a technical masterpiece here.Twizard Rating: 78

Christopher D (br) wrote: One of the few films I envy for its sheer brilliance.

phanoo J (fr) wrote: hate this...Drew Barrymore's worst movie

Harry W (ru) wrote: The only real reasons I watched Class of 1984 were to see a young Michael J. Fox and to examine a look at the violent punk underside if the 1980's culture. Instead what I got was just some gothic teenager stabbing and taping a bunch or people. It wasn't an action packed teenage adventure, it was a shoddy attempt at a slasher film that gave a tiny role to a pre-Back to the Future Michael J. Fox and later gave him top billing to capitalise in his success, like House Party 3 did with Chris Tucker, and that pissed me off. In actuality, I took way little enjoyment with Class of 1984 beyond the title song, Michael J. Fox's participation and the fact that lead actor Perry King had a strong resemblance to Ben Affleck, but since I don't think that was Mark L. Lester's intention, it's safe to say that Class of 1984 is not a good film in my opinion.Mark L. Lester's dramatised display of high school violence is too far fetched to be perceived as real, and its too violent to be perceived as fun. The violence in Class of 1984 is nothing but violent, and if its because its Mark L. Lester's perception of violence in High School, then he should really take a look at his film today and consider if he was ring serious or satirical, because either way it just does not work.

Edgar C (au) wrote: In the same tradition of Cannibal Holoaust (1981), Cannibal Ferox is as brutal and gory as films of this type and genre were back in the 80's (and still nowadays). Deodato unleashed the boldness hidden within the directors that aspired to make cannibal flicks. Both films (Holocaust and Ferox) are practically the exact same thing, but this one has worst acting, a bigger number of free and real animal killings (trying to gain more shock value), photography with less passion and a predictable plot. Some violent and gory scenes are repeated throughout. This was a good effort that fails since it was just worse. Period. It was just more of the same without the same amount of substance that previous films had. Note: You should try "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" instead. 70/100

Joseph H (ca) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Shawn W (mx) wrote: Didn't enjoy this at all. An officer becomes unglued on a train ride escorting a dead Vietnam soldier home for burial. The contrast between the WWII rally songs and the indiffernce with Vietnam is well done but this is a really boring ride.