Mad Bad

Mad Bad

An ex-con attempting to turn over a new leaf and support his talented sister discovers that the past can strike back with a vengeance in this violent underworld thriller. It's been ten years since Justin DeMeers was imprisoned for the murder of his father, and now that he's a free man again Justin is determined to make up for lost time. His younger sister Hayden is a promising young rock star, though her recording career is currently stalling out due to lack of funds. In order to finance Hayden's pricey recording sessions, Justin joins forces with his childhood friend Ethan and begins stealing cars. But just as Hayden lands a recording contract, Justin steals a car filled with heroin. Realizing the potential for profit in the shady discovery, greedy chop shop mechanics Manny and Roland decide to sell the junk and make a quick buck. But rockabilly drug dealer Gino is none too pleased that his drugs have gone missing, and he'll kill anyone who stands in his way as he tries to get them.

An ex-convict tries to rebuild his life with tragic consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Belle B (gb) wrote: After making a worst ever movie like this move it is no wonder David Carradine hung himself.

Matthew M (au) wrote: Pretty much watched this and the first one back to back I don't have a clue why the hell I did that though

Ben D (gb) wrote: Oh man this is easily one the worst movies I've seen in a while. They did absolutely nothing right with this one. It was a pretty cool concept too. I could totally see this kind of movie working. But they screwed it up bad. The movie follows Will Smith as he tries to find suitable people to donate his organs too and he eventually meets Rosario Dawson and they get a thing going. Not a terrible idea by any means. The guy wants to give his organs to people. That opens all sorts of doors for your movie. You can have the movie ask all sorts of intelligent questions, like "how do you determine if someone is good or bad?", and "is Will Smith justified to judge these people?". You can have Will Smith develop a strong, emotional connection will the people he's donating too and make for a very engaging film. BUT. They didn't do any of these things. Actually they did the exact opposite. They basically turned this into Will Smith and Rosario Dawson reading a really bad, awkward sounding script while they stand there and look bored. They force a relationship between the two and they focus on that instead of building ties between Will Smith and his organ recipients, and it makes for a ridiculously boring movie. Neither Will Smith's or Rosario Dawson's characters were written with any sort of personality, so you can't really care about them at all. You're stuck with them the whole movie too. It's just painful to watch. Everything else was done incredibly lazy as well. From directing, to editing, to music choice, from cinematography, it's all really, really bad. All this combined into one movie results to one of the worst films I've ever seen. Stay away.

Logan M (us) wrote: A severe case of too ambitious for its own good, but this inspired reworking of the classic Treasure Island has plenty of visual splendor.

Peter K (us) wrote: The feds would ban this movie if it was named the "trenchcoat machine." A campy movie in the spirit of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film nominee, 1956 - surely someone's seen this?

Shaun B (de) wrote: Entertaining little Horror anthology from John Carpenter.

The Critic (it) wrote: One of the better known, and altogether superior, films to come out of the golden age of blaxploitation cinema, 'Coffy' travels down a different path to a number of its contemporaries. Driven by revenge, a nurse takes on a drug and fetish prostitution ring. So who better than genre queen Pam Grier to play our strong, three-dimensional heroine? She is in excellent form here, expressing a range of emotions with ease, and the bad guys-both black and white-fulfil their moustache-twirling duties quite nicely. Tautly edited with a gorgeous soundtrack and costume design to enliven the senses, Jack Hill delivers a compelling crime drama that builds on momentum and spouts a number of quotable lines. A highly entertaining venture that stands high above most in its genre. Hill's 'Foxy Brown' (1974) was originally written as a sequel to 'Coffy', and sees Grier portraying a similar character in similar circumstances. It upped the violence and body count.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Freddy's Dead : The Final Nightmare was slightly better than the awful Part 5 thanks to the story actually being pretty good, The way it was executed was the problem yet again, It had a good fresh idea but chose unfunny humour that was so cringe worthy it was hard to watch, Too many plot holes don't help the pace of the film, The acting was terrible yet again, Freddy was fun at times but he is reduced to pointless one liners before he kills his next victim in some stupid ways, I did like the ending but it was not enough to save the film, I wasn't old enough to go to the cinema when this came out so I can't comment on the 3D, Just like I said on my review on Part 5 the series should of ended after Part 4.

Paul C (us) wrote: It seems like every movie critic gave this film perfect ratings. This is by far one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. Don't waste your time with this one, you'll thank me for it later.

John B (kr) wrote: A great psychological thriller with tables turning and no one quite knowing who has the advantage over whom. Great use of a post Psycho Anthony Perkins to play...a psycho.

Pedro D (us) wrote: Funniest movie ever ...