Mad Love

Mad Love

An insane surgeon's obsession with an actress leads him to replace her wounded pianist's hands with the hands of a knife murderer which still have the urge to throw knives.

An insane surgeon's obsession with an actress leads him to replace her wounded pianist's hands with the hands of a knife murderer which still have the urge to throw knives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nir E (gb) wrote: Slice of life with a rare authenticity superbly acted and directed

Jon C (de) wrote: Way too short and the actors playing the parents get on your nerves so much But the real treat of this movie is Olivia Holt discovering she's a monster hunter and has to deal with the fear that has been buried deep inside her Sooner or later we all have to face the thing we dread most and it'll always be with us in many forms Katherine Macnamara as Schuyler's rival gets a good amount of screen time too along with a few giggles The effects are ok, the side characters are just thereThe main song is terrific though Olivia is what makes the viewing worth it

Nick W (fr) wrote: I loved this movie! Stumbled on it but chance and fell in love with it. It's all dialogue, little to no real action, but the dialogue and acting is beautifully done. I love movies that give you a sense that you're a fly on the wall, ease- dropping on someone's life and this movie execute the motion wonderfully!

Leo N (gb) wrote: I'm always in the mood for this. just straight up classic 1970

Trinity C (au) wrote: I'll give it a chance even though it has a low rating,

Violaine B (it) wrote: Great movie - I cried. LeeLee is awesome. I love her!

Simon D (us) wrote: I sometimes wonder if I am subconsiously going against the hype or if the hype is usually wrong. I heard that this was a bad film. It really isn't, it's a very impressive film. OK, the decision to cast Kevin Costner as the hero was always going to be questioned but he didn't do badly at all. Perhaps the real failure of this film was only financial as it was so expensive to make. The box-office figures are 99% down to marketing and 1% down to how good the film is and I will never judge a movie on it's profit.

Gianni V (mx) wrote: The film lasts 120 minutes. The first 90 minutes are absolutely boring, and the film is neither fish nor fowl -- is it a psychological thriller? a sex thriller? a court-room drama? a documentary about bad hairstyles from the 80s? Then all of a sudden something unexpected happens, and the film becomes a tense quasi-Hitchcockian thriller with a puzzling ending...

Caleb D (kr) wrote: Not nearly as bad as you've heard - in fact, I really liked it. Takes a while to get going, and it's probably a little overlong; then again, the cast is incredible. Then AGAIN, I would probably watch John Ritter, Ben Gazzara, and Colleen Camp just sit there for two hours. Oh, and RIP Dorothy Stratten. She is just amazing to look at.

AnnJean P (au) wrote: rex harrison was an amazing actor so yes i want to see it

Chris B (fr) wrote: Grand Prix is considered one of the greatest films made about professional auto racing, mainly due to it's numerous camera angles, a variety of different and thoroughly captivating split screens as well as some of the most intense and engaging driving (A lot of it actually recorded at real Formula One races) sequences recorded on film. There is a lot to like here in the racing elements and a majority of the film is the races, however a downside is the bland and mindless romantic stories tied inbetween them. The only interesting element is the dilema of risk-taking and what you have to give to compete in such dangerous professions, the men involved all make many sacrifices as well as their loved ones. The cast all does a good job and Toshiro Mifune as well as many others make up the great supporting cast as well. For the driving sequences captured alone, the film is worth a watch.

Georgia U (it) wrote: a stunning movie about the liberation of Paris, not realistic but gathering hte biggest stars (mostly french) of the 60's