Mad Mad Mad Swords

Mad Mad Mad Swords


The star in Mad Mad Mad swords is a common man with numerous weaknesses and a complete worthless student of a prestigious school. To the suprise of all, however, he manages to defeat a string of renowned swordsmen, including the one-armed swordsman and the blind swordsman, by tricks and luck. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jani B (gb) wrote: Ylipitkana ja ylinayteltynakin kiinnostava modernisointi 50-luvun amerikkalaisklassikosta.

Sam M (mx) wrote: An adaptation that manages to make an already mediocre story even worse, trying to use its visuals to make up for losses that it simply can't recoup.

Chris Z (fr) wrote: Not so weridsville...

Noname (gb) wrote: This is the beginning of how the whole thing started with leatherface and so on. R. Lee Ermey was in the other Texas Chainsaw Massacre aswell from 2003 and he fits perfect as the bad sheriff. Much gore and violence and if u like the other movie then u will love this. I saw the unrated version.

Evan K (ca) wrote: A scary dog definitely works better on screen than in the novel, but unfortunately a ton of the human tension was lost from the book (even though it makes sense), which was originally a drawing point for me.

Eric R (us) wrote: "Aren't you, Barracuda?" - HeartI have seen "Jaws" rip-offs of all shapes and sizes from all over the world. There have been rip-offs from Italy ("The Last Shark"), Mexico ("Tintorera: Killer Shark"), Philippines ("Up From the Depths") and homegrown here in the states ("Orca"). Some stick to the killer shark routine but a number branched out and replaced the shark with piranha, killer whales, giant octopuses and even a fucking grizzly bears. Out of all these different man-eating animals the barracuda seems to be, I don't know, the least lethal and most boring. Guess what.... the film is too.A chemical plant in a small coastal town is dumping toxins into the ocean which is causing the local barracuda to become man-eating killers. A local marine biologist (Wayne Crawford) and sheriff (William Kerwin) team up and uncover that there more to the story than just chemicals, it seems it's part of a bigger plan called "The Lucifer Project", an experiment overseen by our lovely government.Though a low rent "Jaws" rip-off, I will give the filmmakers credit for adding more to the plot than just a simple story about killer fish. The cover-up, government experiment subplot is interesting it's just a shame it's handled so poorly in our novice filmmakers hands.The plot flow is slow and the acting is passable. Wayne Crawford as our 'hero' may very well go down in film history as the most boring, lifeless and asshole protagonist in a horror film. His character treats people like dirt and he's wishy washy about the research he's conducting and doesn't act like there's any hurry to the matter until the very end. Where's Richard Dryfuss when you need him? Cult actor William Kerwin (popular for his work with gore director Herschell Gordon Lewis) seems bored with nothing to do other than to look confused.Though the plot has potential with its government experiment subplot, "Barracuda" ends up being one of the least entertaining "Jaws" rip-offs I've seen. Hell I even find more entertainment value in silly crap like "Up From the Depths" than this. The effects are decent with some bloody barracuda attacks but fans of these water monster films are better off checking out films like "Piranha" instead. Released on DVD by Dark Sky films as a double feature with "Island Fury".

Noname (it) wrote: A weird christmas story :) . Horror flick with a mad killer on the loose. Some girls in a house gets killed one by one. Its a fair movie to watch. There are many like this in its genre.

Arne F (ca) wrote: Herlig50tals western med ei av dei strste legendene , Davy Crockett :-)

Michael G (jp) wrote: Awesome movie, Impressive cast, worthwhile plot, well executed acting.Something I can easily see myself re-downloading and watching again in a few weeks... Worth a watch definitely.

Ryan P (ca) wrote: I liked it just wish I knew Japanese to understand certain parts of the movie.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: Wow was this a treat. This is one of the best action movies I've watched in a while and it's no coincidence that it was a Steven Segal flick. It's really funny at times and really action packed at others. The cast was great and the movie blended a few together with its own twists. I thought it wouldn't be very good but I was very surprised of how much I liked it. A very good action movie that's HIGHLY underrated. Give it a watch or two.

Inta K (br) wrote: alright, not too bad

Antwan J J (nl) wrote: it makes a great mother's day story

Aj V (us) wrote: The story is interesting, but it's hard to get over how bad this movie is otherwise. The actors aren't good, neither is the directing, editing, etc. It's bad, but not too bad to check out if you don't have anything better to do.