Mad Mission 4: You Never Die Twice

Mad Mission 4: You Never Die Twice

Baldy and King Kong shuttle between New Zealand and Hong Kong to recover a hi-tech prism that can impart superhuman powers

Baldy and King Kong shuttle between New Zealand and Hong Kong to recover a hi-tech prism that can impart superhuman powers . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mad Mission 4: You Never Die Twice torrent reviews

Alex W (ca) wrote: Depressing movie thats overall good but not without flaws. one to many scenes of the kid being cute.

George E (it) wrote: Hated how she threatened the guy with his life just to save her boyfriend's. It didn't need the torture and gore. The first one was better, although this one went out faster.

Raad A (mx) wrote: i still cant believe how did i waste my time on this movie and if that was Vinnie Jones in this stupid film !!

scott g (ru) wrote: a entertaining comedic drama, with a great pairing from cillian murthy as neil, and lucy liu asviolet, a strange acting lady he meets while serving her in his struggling video store, neil a film geek proudly running his store competing against the big chaines, lives his life by movies and watching them and not really experiencing life where violet, who doesent really watch tv or indeed rent movies lives her life experiencing what life has to offer, rather than letting movies and tv show how, the two two start a friendship and love blossoms, and its here that neil sees certain weird things about violet, but it could be his pervect match, the two leads give a lot to the script, and is full of nice touches, lots of movie references and little nods help film nicely, and a lot of the film reminded me of high fidelity, but then this goes places, the film runs nicely and again showing cillian murphy is a actr to watch

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (gb) wrote: Not that amusing, and not rememerable...

Daniel M (br) wrote: pretty decent movie that is actually interesting.

Dan P (es) wrote: Saw this on cable late last night. Easily one of the least watchable movies ever to involve Academy Award winning talent like Helen Mirren, Julie Christie and FF Coppola. It's simply dreadful. I know there are Hal Hartley fans out there, and I know I don't want to have dinner with them.

Haleigh W (nl) wrote: so good!! makes me cry sort of!!!

Timothy S (fr) wrote: Most low budget slasher flicks from the 1980's were content to come around for a few weeks, make a quick buck and move on. Few of them were profitable or good enough to spawn their own franchise, and even though that was definitely true about "Sleepaway Camp", it still managed to spawn three sequels (so far). The second film, subtitled "Unhappy Campers," is completely ordinary and illogical, and it has nothing new to offer the genre. The original at least had that much-talked about and shocking finale going for it. Nothing in this routine and forgettable flick even comes close to that one good moment.The part of the gender-confused killer Angela has been taken over by Pamela Springsteen, and while she's clearly having fun in the role there's nothing all that fun about this movie. There are some attempts to inject some humor into this, but none of those attempts are successful. About as clever as this gets is naming all of the characters after young actors from the decade like Demi and Emilio. There are some decent effects, and some of the murders are pretty creative, but the sluggish direction from Michael Simpson never allows this to really take off. There's no suspense, and even at a slim eighty minutes, the picture is quite boring. The cast is as bland and forgettable as the actors playing them, and the film suffers greatly for it. It wasn't much of a stretch, but "Sleepaway Camp 2" actually makes the original look better in retrospect. It's the worst example of an unnecessary sequel since the first film wrapped up the story so succinctly, but I guess there is a strong market for cinematic junk food.

Jim P (fr) wrote: A masterful presentation. Irene Papas is excellent.

Riccardo T (it) wrote: A very good movie; Lorre is great. B+

Grant S (de) wrote: Lightly entertaining John Wayne submarine drama.The Pacific Theatre of WW2. Lt Commander Duke Gifford (played by John Wayne) is the Executive Officer of a US Navy submarine, the USS Thunderfish. The submarine fleet, incl the Thunderfish, is suffering from malfunctioning torpedoes. Meanwhile Commander Gifford is also trying to win back his ex-wife...A stereotypical John Wayne movie, i.e. overly gung ho and not that accurate, militarily. Some quite unrealistic battle scenes. The relationship side is mildly interesting but also overly melodramatic and complex. Not all bad though, as long as you don't think too much. The battle scenes are quite exciting and there are some insights into submarine life.

Eddie G (us) wrote: french horror, set in Ex yugoslavia in fact in Kosovo, ... nothign special in movie, three french medic's are captured yb serbs and they r kept in cages, and they were potential organ "donors," ...

John T (de) wrote: James Cagney stars as Cody Jarrett, a psychotic murderer who, despite being the ruthless leader of a gang of robbers, is overly attached to and controlled by his mother ("Ma"). Margaret Wycherly plays Ma and is as amoral as any killer of the genre. This plot line dominates the first half of the film and includes many memorable scenes. We are shown Cody sitting on Ma's lap while being given whiskey to ameliorate his chronic headache. She gives him the toast, "Top of the world." Later, Ma visits Cody in jail and vows to kill Big Ed, a member of his gang who tried to have Cody killed, herself. Finally, when Cody learns that Ma was murdered, he goes berserk in the prison mess and is eventually diagnosed with as psychotic.After breaking out of prison with the undercover federal agent played by Edmund O'Brien, we are shown numerous acts of violence and cruelty. When reunited with his wife, he knocks her off a chair while showing him her new fur. This scene was probably more shocking at the time than that in which Cagney smashes a grapefruit in Jean Harlow's face in The Public Enemy. He also has a number of callous one-liners, none more heartless than the one which follows his silencing of a stool pigeon's muffled cries as he riddles the trunk of a car with bullets, "Oh, stuffy, huh? I'll give you a little air."The final scene, in which Jarrett climbs to the top of a gas storage tank after being cornered by the police, is classic Cagney. Jarrett starts firing at the tank and shouts, "Made it, Ma! Top of the world!" The tank and several adjoining ones explode, killing Jarrett before the police's gunshots can.

Caleb W (it) wrote: Really digresses towards the end but otherwise pretty entertaining actually