Mad Money

Mad Money

Three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed.

Spotting a weakness in the bank's security system, three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal a fortune in worn-out bills that have been earmarked for destruction. It looks like they have pulled off the perfect crime, until a minor misstep alerts the authorities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mad Money torrent reviews

Saul P (it) wrote: Very cool concept. Very inmersive story line and the animation is incredible.

Kashfia F (de) wrote: Poor acting but interesting concept.

Courtney K (es) wrote: i said the phrase "oh man" quite a few times -- it's disturbing and quite gross. and since i don't speak the language, the majority of the time it just seemed like people were screaming and yelling weird sounds at each other, which by the end of the film, started to give me a headache :/

Christine B (gb) wrote: All you have to do is read the synopsis on Flixster and you'll know the whole plot line. I thought it would be a mouthwatering cooking story but it's really a quirky comedic con movie in which Ottawa meets Bollywood! I don't care for Don McKellar as an actor and although I loved Lisa Ray in Water, her character in this movie came off as bitchy. The two characters that I did enjoy watching were Seema Biswas' Stella and Shriya Saran as Tannu.

Charis C (au) wrote: my friend keeps on bugging me how she likes to watch this movie. i couldn't care less. not to be rude or anything. nonetheless, i'll try to watch the movie to humor my dear friend.

Linda L (es) wrote: Jag hade inga frvntningar alls p filmen eftersom jag alldrig hrt talas om den. Men jag tyckte om den fast den var rtt s frutsgbar.

Steve S (nl) wrote: a pretty weak and totally uninteresting disaster film about the flooding of the uk. the special effects look like a video game that might have been made for the ps2, and really takes you out of the movie, plus robert carlyle, the reason i watched this, is kind of lame and unimpressive in this, which is disappointing given the caliber of this actor. it was really funny seeing nigel planer in this. i kept yelling at the screen "get out of there, neil, you dirty hippie!" classic.

thomas r (jp) wrote: Watch it but don't own it

Ryan W (us) wrote: Suprisingly funny...albeit not laugh out loud hilarious

Jakub M (br) wrote: Yeah, alright, I did shed a tear or two, but it was still an incredibly dull movie. Maybe I'll appreciate it more when I'm sixty-six. Fresh tomato for the way Jack Nicholson pronounces "Ngudu", plus it was nice of Michael Payne to include some existential questions which I, personally, have a soft spot for.

Fred S (es) wrote: Is it on Netflix or Acorn?

Andrew R (kr) wrote: Went so see this with low expectations and was exposed to an emotional assault. A great movie and PC was fantastic.

MB M (jp) wrote: Varan the Unbelivable. It was a really funky movie. The weird thing was it was pretty believable, but at the same time extremely proposterous in the sense of a movie. Especially the ending.

David E (es) wrote: Winner of 4 Oscars (including Best Picture), "Driving Miss Daisy" is a must-see film; outstanding acting (Jessica Tandy won Best Leading Actress), convincing makeup (won Best Makeup), neat settings, & a great story (won Best Adapted Screenplay) of mutual friendship that develops between two different people. One of the greatest films of the 1980s & the 20th Century!

Brandon M (gb) wrote: Cheesy overdramatic tripe. Jesus, the main guy in this movie makes Edward Cullen look like Ferris Bueller.

Leo K (kr) wrote: A kids movie but with some of the best artistry, characters, and kung-fu! Great story, great CGI, great everything really! I recommend, even for adults.

Jay H (ca) wrote: For adults fun once or twice, for kids probably limitless.