Mad Sad & Bad

Mad Sad & Bad

HARDEEP, RASHMI and ATUL are brothers and sisters. Which means they can say anything they like to each other, no matter how honest. Mad, Sad and Bad is a 90-minute comedy about mixed race relationships set in Luton. It's about mid-thirties siblings and friends whose personal lives are continuously messed up by their own selfish needs. Mad, Sad and Bad explores our contemporary metropolitan neuroses through the intersecting lives of these siblings and their friends. The narrative slips from one character to the next as they escape and attack each other. all reluctant members of the same dysfunctional family. Written by Ed Barratt

HARDEEP, RASHMI and ATUL are brothers and sisters. Which means they can say anything they like to each other, no matter how honest. Mad, Sad and Bad is a 90-minute comedy about mixed race ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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