Zoo animals leave the comforts of man-made habitats for exotic adventure in this animated family film. After escaping from the zoo, four friends -- a lion, a hippo, a zebra and a giraffe -- are sent back to Africa. When their ship capsizes, stranding them on Madagascar, an island populated by crazy critters, the pals must adapt to jungle life and their new roles as wild animals.

At the Central Park Zoo, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, and a hippo are best friends and stars of the show. The animals are soon able to regroup, initially believing themselves to be in the zoo at San Diego, California. Upon exploring, however, they come across a pack of lemurs, led by King Julien XIII, and quickly learn their true location. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica L (gb) wrote: The music is amazing and the plot is hilarious. Haven't seen a great musical movie like this for a while! :)

Alfin N (br) wrote: A boring cokehead painter. Why would anybody ever want to be his friend, except some pennyless freeloaders?

Lisa I (ru) wrote: silly!! love them both!

Curtis R (mx) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie, but it's just not very good, even if you're drunk. One of the highlights, however, is Sasha Grey's performance, hopefully the first of many more to come (in better movies as well).

Ted W (ca) wrote: Okay, I'm probably one of the few folks on earth who couldn't stop laughing while watching this one. Not quite Napoleon quality, but darn close and Sam Rockwell is astonishing!!!

Kevin M (de) wrote: Ahhh, I love a good documentary. 50 drag queens under the same roof? In a competition? Some spending as much as $60,000 to compete? What's not to love about this premise

Noname (fr) wrote: A powerful quality drama romance movie with a very talent actor in the main role ,, Joaquin Phoenix. I have actually seen mostly good movies from that guy so far. He plays Leonard Kraditor , a guy with a chance of a new relationship but problem occurs when he have another girl on his mind.. We see Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw in the other roles and they did very good perfomances aswell. This is one the movies where its doesn't really happens to much , but a fairly good story i thought and nice acting makes its a pleasure to watch in the end.

Craig B (de) wrote: A Lawyer Walks into a Bar is a documentary filmed in 2007 by Eric Chaikin. If his name sounds familiar to you movie geeks, it?s probably because you remember his nomination, along with co-director Julian Petrillo, for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for his 2004 documentary, Word Wars, which follows a small but intrepid group of linguistics nerds as they prepare for the National Scrabble Championship in San Diego. Word Wars surprised me. I was shocked that anything Scrabble-related could be so entertaining, so full of whimsy and intensity. You heard it here. Scrabble can be intense. Keep your Grandma away from the television. Chaikin's latest film is equally surprising and engrossing. A Lawyer Walks into a Bar follows six individuals as they prepare for the California bar exam, widely considered to be the hardest bar exam in the United States. The hopeful lawyers-to-be represent a pleasant cross-section of American culture. There's Sam, a 2005 Loyola Law School graduate who has already failed the bar exam twice and is now hoping that three times is a charm. Then there's Megan, 2006 Loyola graduate, whose infectious optimism and artsy predilections instantly won me over - I did start to worry about her chances, however, when the film pointed out that, of 104 graduate programs surveyed, law students were the only group in which pessimists outperformed optimists. Magda is a working mother, activist, and recent graduate of the People?s College of Law, an unaccredited college located in Los Angeles. Magda hopes to pass the bar so she can represent the underprivileged in her east L.A. community. Tricia, a 2006 graduate from UCLA?s law school, is bright, cocky, and seemingly more interested in beer and sex than in studying for the bar exam. But really, when you think about it, who wouldn?t be more interested in beer and sex than in studying for the bar exam? Cassandra, 2006 Loyola graduate, became pregnant while an undergrad and is now relying on her stay-at-home husband to take care of their son while she studies for the bar. Lastly, there?s Donald, an ex-marine who graduated with a JD from Western State University in 1980. Mr. Baumeister has taken?and failed?the bar exam 41 times. In this film, he?s shooting for his 42nd attempt and he?s hired an exam tutor to ensure his success. The test spans three days and, depending on which source you reference, covers between twelve and seventeen law-related topics. In 2006, the year this documentary was shot, only 39% of those being tested passed the exam. In previous years, unsuccessful exam takers have tried to sue the state bar on the grounds that the test is unnecessarily difficult. The film even mentions one man who became so frustrated that, after taking the bar exam, he returned and burned the test center down. In 2008, 61.7% passed the exam, which was the highest pass rate in California since 1997. 61.7% seems like a windfall until you consider that in Washington State, for instance, the lowest state pass rate I could find from the last four years was 64.8%, with the typical average hovering somewhere between 70% and 75%. Of course, some people claim that in the few states that allow people from non-accredited ABA schools to take the bar exam, California being one of those states, the percentage of people from unaccredited programs who pass the bar exam tends to be much lower than those who attended an ABA certified school. This means, of course, that people have claimed California's median pass/fail percentage is skewed by the non ABA accredited participants. However, Washington state also allows people from non-ABA accredited schools (within strict guidelines) to take the bar exam, and the numbers show that the general applicants occasionally outperform the applicants from accredited schools. While the movie focuses on our six prospective attorneys, it also diverges into the broader modern landscape of U.S. litigation. It tries to make sense of America's strangely paired bedfellows - its love of litigation and its hatred of lawyers. It accomplishes this with brevity and wit, interviewing famous attorneys, comedians, and members of the California state legislature. Delving into the underbelly of tort litigation, the film highlights several of the types of cases that make us wonder why we even have a judicial system - a man sues a bed company for falling out of bed, a woman wins a 2.7 million dollar settlement for cutting her hand on a pickle jar. And of course, the infamous case of the woman who successfully sues McDonald's because she spilled their coffee on herself. It all seems ludicrous. Then Alan Dershowitz, who represented the likes of O.J. Simpson and Claus von Bulow, makes this salient observation, "If you think America with lawyers is bad, imagine a country without lawyers." Unfortunately, because of cases like these, many companies now go to preposterous lengths to avoid being sued. For instance, from the back of a box of Zantec, "Do not use if allergic to Zantec." One of my favorite scenes from the film simply shows a bowl sitting next to something that looks like a long grocery receipt. Two arrows point at the objects. The first arrow says "1 ceramic bowl." The other arrow says "32 disclaimers." The famous lawyers and celebrities also get to weigh in on whether or not they think the whole legal system is broken. Dershowitz, says of the bar exam, "It should be a minimal competency test. It shouldn't be a competitive test. It should be a test that anybody who wants to be a lawyer who's not unqualified should become a lawyer." Novelist/Attorney Scott Turow disagrees, suggesting that the bar exam needs to be exclusionary or the United States would be flooded with lawyers. Mark Lanier, one of the nation's top personal injury attorneys, takes a more pragmatic approach to the problem, saying that if the exam needs a 75 to pass and you get a 76, then you studied too much. As the movie progresses, I really became attached to these people. I didn?t want to see any of them fail, but I knew that, statistically, there was a real chance I?d see just that. In the final scenes of the film, while the exam-takers are waiting impatiently for the web site to load so they can get their results, the tension is so palpable that I got test anxiety just watching it. A Lawyer Walks into a Bar is a must-see for any movie-goer interested in the legal system, especially new lawyers, though if you're studying for the bar yourself, you may want to wait until after you've taken the exam. I don't want to get sued for causing heart attacks and brain aneurysms.

Marcus F (ca) wrote: Predictable as can be, but it's also funny and entertaining, and Rutina Wesley delivers a strong performance.

Frances H (es) wrote: Grueling search for vengeance that oddly becomes something different in the end. Well acted by Pierce Brosnan, whom I didn't recognize at first, and Liam Neeson.

Julia T (ru) wrote: Great film with great action scenes and even better visuals. Great story from start to finish.

Ericka J (jp) wrote: The only reason why this movie gets an 80% instead of a 90% is due to Gabrielle Unions acting. She wasn't really able to keep up with Jeremy Renner. He really made me believe that 1: he was crazy and needed psychiatric help and 2: that he could be made to change from neo-nazism to being a lover of all. Union wasn't really convincing in her "adolf is reincarnated inside of me". By the end of the movie I wasn't sure if she was ever crazy at all. But maybe that was the point. For an independent film I enjoyed the concept of the plot, the direction and Renner's acting. There were a few plot holes, but they weren't to the point where it pulled me away from the film. I love Renner and cannot wait to see him do more work!

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Jeremy N (au) wrote: I never EVER thought that Rutger Hauer could make another film as bad as Salute Of The Jugger but, lo and behold, he went and made Omega Doom!

Robin L (de) wrote: All the worst stereotypes and cliches the 90's had to offer...

Sue B (ru) wrote: Robert Downey Jr is really good, but the movie just dragged. The best bits were when it was actually Chaplin clips.

Shamith G (jp) wrote: This was one of my favourite movie when I was in school years and still I don't regret watching it again and again...At that time all I cared was about action and body building, but now I see why I still like this movie. Spectacularly shot in the jungles of Mexico with an awesome Alan silvestri orchestra and vividly controlled direction of Mcternian . The movie certainly has some flaws in the story but still it doesn't let me down on watching it again

Bec H (br) wrote: Slightly above average horror film. Cushing & Beacham carry this movie: not the best Amicus film, but of interest for being one of the few 'period' films the studio made (rather than 'modern' 70's horror)

Brad S (fr) wrote: An interesting biopic on cinema legend Lon Chaney with a strong performance from James Cagney. A must for film buffs!

Nick P (au) wrote: The movie "Pulse" gets resurrected with a zombie-facebook twist. This film is so un-original, and filled with bothersome acting. It sucks, because the social commentary of social media making people go crazy is something we can all agree on. But WHY did they have to steal SO many ideas to make this movie?? Even a non-movie buff could name at least5 movies this film stole from.