Mädchen in Uniform

Mädchen in Uniform

German film in which a sensitive girl is sent to an all-girls boarding school and develops a romantic attachment to one of her teachers. One of the earliest narrative films to explicitly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PierLuigi F (nl) wrote: oh well.. if you got time to waste and you really really can't find anything else to do.

Will Kwok Kwong W (ag) wrote: So much to say about a movie well made! A feast for the eyes of art, real action, myth, martyrdom, and melancholy without being torn apart by a few CG scenes. An unexpectedly breath of fresh air from other Chinese wartime movies featuring veteran actors and actresses with no over-acting in sight. A magnificent masterpiece putting the themes of loyalty, obedience, benevolence, and righteousness front and centre for all warm-blooded mortals!

Nick D (ag) wrote: A wispy little coming-of-age drama. Honest, but hardly revelatory. Bit unfair that The Social Network trailer took the force out of its use of that choral version of Creep in the end credits. Actually, maybe it wasn't all that great a choice anyway.

scott j (fr) wrote: Ok a complete rip off of the saw series granted but in all it really wasn't a bad film to watch,the tasks all play on the contestants fears who soon discover a mystery ghost is among them..a good story that is ruined by a horrible ending..

Jessica L (mx) wrote: I don't know why this film is so popular and award winning...acting-wise, yes. I think Cooper and Lawrence did a terrific job portraying their characters. Love Lawrence's acting and their chemistry is great. But plot-wise, with the superstitious family and the what-i-believe-is-rather-boring beginning, I'm not a very big fan.

Ahmed A (de) wrote: outlandish and exposing a courageous venture into movie ratings process that will make you approve and watch NC17 movies and turn them to PG13rating 5/5

Roy E (ca) wrote: Only in Bollywood would they include song and dance in an action movie. This 3-hour film could have made a passable ninety minute thriller, but the appalling script makes you wish for memory-loss early on. Watch Khan's later films instead; 3 Idiots is particularly good fun.

Kelly A (ru) wrote: Loved this movie. Its message that situations aren't just black or white or to judge someone cause of something they do u think is wrong. Plus the acting was amazing.

Hugh J (br) wrote: Great cast...gotta see this.

CLYDE W (fr) wrote: It's been a while since I've seen it.

Samson N (it) wrote: The only character I care about in this movie is "SafetyMan"

Jack A (us) wrote: i was really excited to watch this movie when i first heard of it, heard great directors, actors, people saying how good it was so i had high expectations but when i saw it last night i was really disappointed it was a decent film but it definitely not that great, hated a lot of things, like the lead character always asking to have sex, every word comes out of his mouth is filth , acting wasn't that great, if u wanna see go for it but don't expected to be that great.

Tom R (ru) wrote: A good film. Some of Mel Brooks's better films consist of "Spaceballs" & "Young Frankenstein" though. I liked the hitchcock film spoofing, but some of the storyline felt a bit sloppy.

Private U (br) wrote: As it turns out, Frankenstein is just an android named Frank, and he and the Space Monster fight for about 30 seconds. Also titled Mars invades Puerto Rico. Shit.

Brett E (ru) wrote: Original & effective. In our time of 900 sequels released each week, "Frailty" is a good catch. The concept is clever and it is a nice ride from start to finish. Bill Paxton, I'll admit, was pretty lame but he usually is. Matthew McConaughey was much better in this than he usually is, on the other hand.

Aj V (nl) wrote: A good slasher flick, I really liked it. It's not too different from other slasher flicks, but it's entertaining and enjoyable.

Quincy J (ru) wrote: This was one of the better ones in the series. More of a mind binder thing any thing else. Good old Pinhead has such a way with words. you get your gore and learn some thing too.