Made In America

Made In America

A young black woman discovers that her father was a sperm donor, and if that weren't bad enough, he's white.

As a result of a science class blood test, African American Zora discovers that the man she thought was her father actually wasn't. Actually she is the result of artificial insemination. And if that weren't bad enough, the sperm doner is white. This comes as a major shock to her mother Sarah, who had explicitly requested a black donor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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steven b (au) wrote: A friend of mine took me to see this movie last night. It is a little rough, but there are some very funny parts in it. The home scenes with Christopher Lloyd and the yuppie couple and really good, and some laugh out loud stuff with the wheelchair.

Tom M (mx) wrote: Date Night is pretty much a one note action comedy but Carrel and Fey inject just enough humor to mix it up.

Private U (fr) wrote: funny~~makes laugh~~

Ali M (jp) wrote: This could have easily been nothing more than an filmed stage play, but Malle brings his camera in close. Thus we get an extremely personal film.

Grayson D (de) wrote: Much underappreciated, near classic British film (generally, not critically) which isn't shown as much these days as it should be.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: By the early 1970's, alot of people had accused Hammer Films of losing their way, and that their brand of filmmaking had become passe. They responded to those allegations by making a love story, Hammer style. Directed by Peter Collinson, then hot off The Italian Job (1969), this is maybe the darkest and most unsettling Hammer Horror of them all, because of it's realism. This has Liverpool girl Brenda Thompson (Rita Tushingham) moving to London to start a new life, primarily because she wants to become a mother, even though her mother Margo (Claire Kelly) is scornful of the idea of her moving to a strange city. She moves and works in a trendy boutique for Caroline (Katya Wyeth) and Jimmy Lindsay (Tom Bell), and lives with Caroline. After she has an affair with Joey (James Bolam), whom Brenda wanted. She runs away, and ends up finding a dog called Tinker, who belongs to the mysterious Peter Clive (Shane Briant), and they end up falling in love. It seems Brenda has found the perfect man to be with, however, it all seems a bit too good to be true, and he has a few skeletons in the closet, quite literally too. This is a very unnerving film, very hard hitting, even by today's standards. Tushingham plays the naive girl with an innocent charm, while Briant is terrifying as her new beau. This makes a brilliant companion piece to Hitchcock's Frenzy, also out around the same time as this.