Made in Egypt: Soneia Fe Misr

Made in Egypt: Soneia Fe Misr

An aimless young man with no ambition is cursed by his little sister. His attempts to free himself of the curse take him on a journey that teaches him many lessons.

An aimless young man with no ambition is cursed by his little sister. His attempts to free himself of the curse take him on a journey that teaches him many lessons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Made in Egypt: Soneia Fe Misr torrent reviews

Lyndall M (mx) wrote: Great family entertainment; we all enjoyed it. Excellent acting, especially Michael Sheen. Looking forward to the next adventure!

Sohil S (ag) wrote: give this one a miss - watch shawshank redemption or carandiru instead

Simona (it) wrote: I'll need more info before I consider watching this.

Michael T (es) wrote: Even though this is a biased view of the Spanish Civil War, this film is a thought provoking tale of a man's somewhat selfless journey to Spain to fight for something greater, and to stop the spread of fascism. However, as the plot unwinds the protagonist becomes caught up in the complexities of the war, and loses what is precious to him, representing not only his heart, but all hope in the war, making it beautiful and definitely worth watching.

David B (de) wrote: This is one of those movies you either love or find annoying. I happen to be in the former category. Remember, in order to be the best you must lose your mind!

Anna Margarethe O (es) wrote: If you liked Charade (Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn), you might like this. Similar mix of mystery, crime, romance and humour.

Jarkko H (br) wrote: The third part of the Star Wars Saga is the same level of quality than the previous two parts. Sometimes it is so that the old-sufficient, and it is displayed here when the most stunning continue to Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones (as well as even Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi Alec Guinness). Effects are of high quality and spinning in the background while the orcs are just as strange in appearance. George Lucas is with Lawrence Kasdan once again done a great job. Based on such displays in the Star Wars movies remain at the top of sci-fi movies. I must also thank one of the Star Wars films in absolute stars Carrie Fisher, who surprisingly left among us a little less than three months ago. The same fate experienced by Fisher's mother Debbie Reynolds in a little while after her daughter passed away. Rest in peace!

Fredrik S (kr) wrote: Um, no... I never saw these films as a kid, but decided to try now before watching the latest addition to the series. OK, so I get that this was low budget, that it's a cult classic and that it launched the career of Mel Gibson, but it's still a crap movie. No plot, bad acting, silly special effects, over the top background music and just roaring engines for 90 minutes.

Nate T (ag) wrote: Second in the Universal Rathbone and Bruce Holmes series, the 4th in the over-all Rathbone and Bruce Holmes series, has more suspense than the previous entry but still holds Holmes as a political figure. On Blu-Ray.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: The movie was so boring half the movie I slept in

Juste F (jp) wrote: donerse senindir, donmezse elindir - foreign version :)

Andrew M (ca) wrote: In a day and age where horror that feels original is more and more rare, Oculus comes along and proves that all it takes is a director with a voice: in this case, that director is sophomore director Mike Flanagan. Following his low-budget debut Absentia three years prior, Flanagan firmly establishes himself as a horror director to keep an eye on. With Oculus, he really puts us in the shoes of the two lead siblings (Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites) struggling to solve the mystery of their parents' (Rory Cochrane, Katee Sackhoff) deaths eleven years prior, in that a good majority of the scares are completely psychological. The movie does a great job of setting up an atmosphere that leads to a lot of questioning about what's reality and what's just an illusion caused by the mysterious mirror that may or may not be causing all of the chaos. One scene in particular, involving an apple and a lightblub, is really effective, even in spite of it clearly being set up. Flanagan finds a nice mix of familiar jump scares and silent scares here as well: they way many unnerving images are shown with no loud scare really builds a sense of dread, and makes the jump scares feel earned.Equally impressive is how Flanagan handles the narrative. The film runs two storylines simultaneously, the present day story of Kaylie and Tim Russell looking into the mystery of the mirror and the events from their past leading up to the present day, and constantly jumps back and forth between them. While there's occasionally a slight moment of confusion in how we've transitioned from one storyline to the other, Flanagan almost seamlessly crafts one continuous narrative from these two separate stories. Kaylie and Tim's opposing views on the mirror creates a nice dynamic between the two characters, and both Gillan and Thwaites turn in strong performances with a lot of emotion infused into the more harrowing sequences of the movie. The focus on character alongside atmosphere makes for a very balanced film that is one of the finest in recent years.

Andrew H (ca) wrote: An excellent story done poorly. The acting can't be knocked good performances all round for a poor film. Aside from the acting everything about this film could of been done better.It was just so so slow and so lacking in atmosphere and thrills. To call this film a supernatural thriller is just wrong it is neither supernatural nor thrilling! But the cast did their best and did a good job but sadly not quite enough.