Made in Estonia

Made in Estonia

Fantasy and reality dance a wicked tango in this quirky comedy about the misadventures of Mill and Norm, two talented radio actors in Estonia.

A clumsy radio-announcer is reading a talk-serial in the radio every day. As he puts his dreams in the tale, the story goes more and more difficult to control. Based on a famous ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drew R (us) wrote: Clever deconstruction of rom-coms. Didn't like her character, but found her husband more redeeming. She basically disliked him for being a fun guy.

Tony C (gb) wrote: Brave and groundbreaking.

Dutch S (gb) wrote: Great book hopefully movie will be too, promising cast and great director!

Melody S (es) wrote: One star for Willa Holland...other than that this film doesn't really go anywhere.

Stephen L (ag) wrote: This is a quiet, introspective "slice of life" film about a small, somewhat conservative island Canadian town named Wilby. The plot is nearly non-existant. The only real external conflict is that the gay population of the town may be outed and the wooded area they hang out in developed over. Most of the conflict is internal and interpersonal. Everyone seems to be dealing with a turning point in their lives. Thankfully the acting is stellar enough to pull this off. Otherwise this would be a very boring movie.

Cline H (es) wrote: Looked absolutely boring

rose r (br) wrote: it was chidish but i like takeshi so i liked it

Steve M (de) wrote: In 2041, decades after the Great Robot War and Toxic Gas Scare, the American Southwest has ceceeded from the Union and is at a state of war with the "Centros", a state of uneasy peace with the remnants of the United States, and a trading partner of China. When the last known surviving giant robot--now being used as an armored, heavily armed passenger transport, is hi-jacked--it's up to renegade rebellious robot pilot Captain Drake (Paul) and the beautiful archeologist Dr. Leda (Crampton) to save the day by finding the burial site of the rumored second suriving combat robot, Mega-1. "Robot Wars" is one of three movies produced by B-movie mogul Charles Band that featured giant robots piloted by humans ("Robot Jox" and "Crash and Burn" being the other two). I've wondered if they were inspired by Japanese cartoons or the then growing-in-popularity miniature and roleplaying lines from FASA called "BattleTech" and "MechWarrior". "Robot Wars" answered my question for me. The costume designs and even the look of Mega-1 reminded me very strongly of "MechWarrior". Heck, the film even felt a little like a BattleTech/MechWarrior game with the robots and other technology being more interesting than the human characters. This brief movie (it's barely over an hour long) is another example of a Full Moon picture that's too short. There is all sorts of back story that was needed for the film to be as good as it had potential for being. (What was the past history of Captain Drake and General Wa-Lee (played with sinister glee by Danny Kamekona)? It was obviously extensive, but we get to learn nothing about it. How did America disintergrate? Why do the Centros seem to be speaking something other than Spanish? These are just a few of the questions that popped into my mind as I watched the movie and I realized it was going to end without any explanations. (And some of the questions could have been answered if the script had been better. There's a scene that could have been easily been used to give us the Wa-Lee/Drake backstory, but it's instead wasted on some very unfunny jokes about how women can be horndogs, too.) Although this is a film that's clearly made for young kids (or adults who are content if all a movie offers are neat stop-motion special effects featuring giant battle-bots duking it out and shooting laser beams at each other), I still think it could have benefitted from just a little more time being spent on developing the world in which it takes place. That could have at the very least made the film more memorable and lifted it from mediocre to okay. I haven't seen "Robot Jox", but, eventhough the giant robot in "Crash and Burn" is more of a conversation piece that ultimately proves very important to the survival of the film's heroes, I'm certain those other two efforts are worth seeking out before you bother with "Robot Wars". (Of course, "Crash and Burn" and "Robot Wars" are both included in the 18-movie Full Moon sampler box, "Full Moon Archive Collection". Just know to leave "Robot Wars" to the very last. Robot WarsStarring: Don Michael Paul, Barbara Crampton, James Staley, Lisa Rinna, Danny Kamekona and Peter HaskallDirector: Albert Band

Colin G (gb) wrote: A real hearwarming and funny movie, about teenage obsession and the things we really want.

Eric R (ca) wrote: By 1988 cinematic adaptations of Sherlock Holmes had been done to death. How many adaptations of The Hound of Baskervilles was there? A hundred? Anyway you get my point and if filmmakers were going to give Sherlock Holmes another cinematic go-around it was time to try something new... and thankfully they did. The film-makers this time wisely decided to make Without a Clue a semi-spoof of the character Sherlock Holmes adding nice amounts of comedy into the mix.The plot to this version of Sherlock Holmes turns the original vision on its head by making Sherlock Holmes partner/sidekick Dr Watson (Ben Kingsley) the crime-solving mastermind. While solving crimes Watson wrote many stories about a character he created named Sherlock Holmes. To make the character real he hires a down-and-out bum actor (Michael Caine) whom he coaches through solving crimes. While bickering behind the public's eye throughout most of the film, they both always tend to mend fences while solving a crime of some stolen money printing plates. All clues lead Holmes and Watson (or should it be Watson and Holmes?) to devious criminal master Professor Moriarity (Paul Freeman, whom you might remember from Raiders of the Lost Ark).Despite having strong production values and solid directing, the main draw of this film is it's stupendous cast. To be honest with Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley they could have made this a serious Sherlock Holmes adaption and it would have been just as good or even better. These guys are great and complement each other perfectly! I had a ball of a time seeing Holmes as a drunk, skirt chasing buffoon and Watson as the cool and collected crime solver. The film has some great comedic sequences and thankfully the filmmakers opted out at making this a complete slap stick comedy. Still however people expecting a complete comedy with wall-to-wall laughs will come out a little disappointed as the laughs are spaced out and even mixed in with some downright serious moments. It's actually a strange combination as if the filmmakers weren't sure if they wanted to go the complete comedy route our not and the result is just a little bit confused. Perhaps with a little tighter script and maybe a little more comedy this Sherlock Holmes spoof could have been even better. As it is it is still satisfying and the cast just fantastic. Actually after watching the film I actually craved seeing Michael Caine and Ben Kinsley in a serious adaption of a Holmes story. They were that perfectly cast!

Generoso F (es) wrote: Toback has always been one of the most unique voices in American film history. I usually find even his failed films (Exposed, The Pick Up Artist) to still contain so much value in dialog and form that they still demand a watch every now and then. I will say that "Fingers" is one of the finest debut films for any American director in the 1970s. Keitel gives you his all in this very intense portrait of a debt collector who is being torn apart from the inside out. Jacques Audiard's remake, "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" doesn't fall too far from the intent of Toback's original script and is also worth a look mostly due to Romain Duris' excellent portrayal of the main character. " Fingers" is not difficult to find and a film you will want to see again.

Alberto C (it) wrote: Way better than the first carrie, the ending just as it supposed to be 1/4?

Benjamin N (us) wrote: Pretty brutal. Gary Busey's death is legendary however.

Brandon W (us) wrote: Very clever and fun movie. Although you've seen this type of plot before, the two cops with distinct personalities and the 'insert name here' device that will destroy the world. But what makes this movie work is that it is over-the-top silly and it knows that and has fun with it. And what makes this movie memorable is Will Smith. He is just so damn cool and hilarious. That perfect balance between the Fresh Prince and his role in Independence Day. This movie is also really short too so it's perfect for a movie day inside on a rainy day. Check it out if you want some cool action and some great laughs!

Kim D (de) wrote: Haa! You'll never think of Francis Fisher in the same way ever again. However, I'm just a fan of Jessica Chastain.

malek b (it) wrote: i would say tht it lacks a huge amount of the story behind it but as a thriller it was an ok one