Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Stories of Turkish people living in three European cities Madrid, Paris, and Berlin. Most are illegal immigrants, and while seeking for permits or living in hide outs they go through life ...

Stories of Turkish people living in three European cities Madrid, Paris, and Berlin. Most are illegal immigrants, and while seeking for permits or living in hide outs they go through life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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pulcino p (us) wrote: The acting is absolutely terrible! The cast is a bunch of nobodies with no talent whatsover.

Matt B (ca) wrote: What starts off as a promising homage to the hilarious kung fu action movies becomes a lifeless, poorly acted disappointment. RZA is terrible. Russell Crowe is having ZERO fun. The set designs are lavish but the fight sequences are atrocious.

Sean L (it) wrote: Meh, this was o.k. I understood the symbolism but the film didn't really capture my attention.

Andy B (mx) wrote: Much better than the 1st.

Guido S (de) wrote: A researcher is trying to develop an invisibility formula for animals, the shareholders want results, so he decides to use it on himself to prove it is effective. Instead, he starts to lose his mind and starts becoming a crazed killer and stalker. This could have been an interesting film, mostly from the first half. The second half is just so bad and over the top in a bad way which made me lose interest in this one.

Jobbin F (mx) wrote: I hate to say it but its a cute film of witch has dune a grate job with the budget it had.

Masaio S (de) wrote: My favorite take on the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story.

James M (ru) wrote: Troma for the demented lovers of bad taste.

Cassandra M (mx) wrote: Blood Sucking Freaks is often considered an exploitation classic, and is one of the select few Troma films to receive a reputation anything like that. It's not hard to see why this film is so well revered among fans of wayward cinema - the gore is disgusting, the torture scenes are extended and make for highly unpleasant viewing and there's an extremely misogynistic tone running throughout the film; something that is very popular with many fans of this sort of cinema. I definitely consider myself an exploitation fan, but I'm only going to rate this film as a must see for people like me; as in it's own right, Blood Sucking Freaks really isn't all that good. The film reminded me a lot of a HG Lewis movie, and the plot seems to take some influence from the "classic", The Wizard of Gore, as it follows a stage act. The stage act here concerns S&M and torture, and the "magician" at the centre achieves his realistic effects through actually killing his actors on stage while his crowd watch. Furthermore, the girls are put to use again for his own sick pleasure, and he has a cage full of rabid, meat-eating naked women in his basement...The main problem with this film as far as I'm concerned is that it gets too caught up in the sadistic acts and the plot doesn't move fast enough, so after a while it starts to get boring. Director Joel M. Reed clearly has an eye for nasty torture, however, as this film features some of the sickest sequences I've ever seen; chief among them being the guillotine scene, and the part where someone drills a hole in someone's head and proceeds to suck out their brains with a straw! Seamus O'Brien is the lead actor, and it's not surprising that this was one of only two roles for him. His acting is campy and silly, and I really couldn't see him fitting into any other kind of film...which is both praise and a criticism. The locations and special effects all look very cheap, and it's clear that this film was shot on a very low budget; but this grittiness creates a very unclean atmosphere, which helps the film overall as it bodes very well with the nastiness of the action on display. Overall, Blood Sucking Freaks isn't exactly a classic film for my money - but it is mandatory viewing for exploit fans.

Michele A (ca) wrote: glad I ignored the ratings. ..should've been rated higher. could've touched on an important relationship a little more for those who need more details. ...I had enough info and enjoyed this Liam Neeson film!

Nic J (jp) wrote: Although this has received some bad reviews, I'm inclined to say it was an enjoyable movie. The plot was slightly weak in parts but I don't believe it took much away from the story. There were bits I laughed at and also bits that brought a tear to my eye. All signs of a good movie. Worth a watch