Made in Italy

Made in Italy

A group of Italians take a flight to Sweden

A group of Italians take a flight to Sweden - but among them there are the tourists, and the immigrants. Two bourgeois couples choose a typical Italian restaurant by its name, 'La Trattoria... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (es) wrote: Madship is like a crossbreed between a Steinbeck novel, all the covers from every Beverly Lewis book and a period drama playing on the History Channel. If it had a bigger budget I imagine the bank worker would be Kevin Spacey.

Uriel G (kr) wrote: With great visual effects and a humanitarian message, "Guardians of the Galaxy" transcends meaningless action and gives new meaning to the Marvel Universe, showing that mature and deep productions can be made that can entertain any audience without losing its essence .

Fred Y (nl) wrote: This movie should have won an Acadamy Award!!! HA!!!

James D (ru) wrote: so wanted to like this intresting idea but for me i just didnt work fell kinda flat

Daniel l (it) wrote: It was interesting. The message is be careful what you choose to do in life because something closer to you will be taken away and then a part of you will die forever...

Keith B (kr) wrote: Somewhat burdensome in weight intro, like clogging through a mercurial concrete - hypnotic and belabored as if one is under a toxic hallucination and nazi test subject simultaneously. Then it drifts off into a Mission Impossible action.

Hamish C (jp) wrote: What's in a name? Worth seeking out, this is a great story of one of NZ's unknown innovators in a carefully crafted and very entertaining documentary.

Warren W (nl) wrote: Strong but somewhat confusing start, action packed but decent middle, and very weak ending. Leaving this movie in the, "decent movie." category where it belongs

Alec N (ru) wrote: It's like Star Wars but with David Hasselhoff, which makes it that much more awesome.

Nicky C (mx) wrote: giving it 5 stars because it definitely does not deserve the critics 40%

Doctor S (ag) wrote: Basically and updating of the exorcistic, complete with the 1970s setting. A few good scares and some effective visual effects, but I have a hard time buying into these haunted house/demonic possession premises. Doesn't help that they rather pointlessly throw in an evil doll for bad measure. OK for the genre but I won't be bothering with the sequel.