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Made in Poland

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Tuukka P (ru) wrote: A year long view in the HQ of one of the biggest and the most influental newspapers in the world. Very interesting look at the change of the news business with the arrival of Wikileaks, Huffman Post, etc. who are changing the field and the way we get our news. In the end I'm hopeful because the real and indepth look at important subjects demands a professional to make it a true story. Whether we read it on a peace of paper or from a Pad is another thing.

Elise K (kr) wrote: Very predictable, but all and all a good flick. Worth seeing, even if just for the local setting...thumbs up.

Bobby D (fr) wrote: Panned by a lot of critics, and praised by a select few, this film is not pretentious, but aims squarely for the bullseye. Although some plot twists were made a little too obvious, there were enough surprises to keep me watching with considerable interest. A few bad moments of acting can be forgiven (at least by me), because overall the actors did a very good job. And - they were easy on the eyes, too.

Kervin S (mx) wrote: A truly smart and original romantic film; though more of a drama than a comedy. We see a man steady decline into insanity losing all he has juxtaposed with the steady growth of a quirky but true love. Great acting by the leads and clever writing make this something worth checking out.

Matthew J (mx) wrote: An excellent Pixar Short film. Funny, with a bit of a lesson to the story regarding pride and the benefits of optimism, this one is a bit more like the classic Loony Toons/Merry Melodies cartoons. Available on the Pixar Short Films Collection or with the Incredibles DVD.

Pedro S (us) wrote: A real-time dark comedy...very nice surprise......

Geoff P (kr) wrote: I only watched the first fifteen minutes. Truly awful.

Jairo A (it) wrote: This was a pretty good sequel to the first Ace Ventura. The "monopoly guy" scene is awesome, the dart scenes are pretty cool, the scene where he plays "simon says" with the tribe members, I can go on and on...Again, this was Jim Carrey in his prime doing what he knew best! Very good 90s comedy, and I will definitely be rewatching this sometime. 7/10 OR 3.5/5

David D (ca) wrote: One of my old favorites

Uriel V (au) wrote: Excellent movie. As a kid grew up in Dominican Republic, from a the middle class (maybe poor in other place of the planet) I only can dream with the Asian countries through the dictionary or some magazines. We dont have cable, but during the 90' Bertolucci was famous for The Last Emperor (The Last Tango was banned and as a 90's child I cannot get any information) That make me imaging China, and try to figured it how to speak chinese. At the same time I have the opportunity to met taiwanese people and for the first time I have the opportunity to listen about Siddharta story then when I was ten finally they broadcast the film in the public television of my country. Now I am in Taiwan and my wife is taiwanese. So althougt Bertolucci have the Last Tango he demonstrated with the others film, he shows his capacity to be a good director.

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Decent film about a small town lab that secretly produces germ warfare materials and suffers a chemical leak which turns those exposed into violent killers. A necessary evil of the Cold War. Luckily, this outbreak was contained.

Robert I (mx) wrote: So not good. I hate domestic dramas.

Brian G (de) wrote: I have to say, I actually enjoyed this one a lot. I'm not generally a big fan of possession movies, although I like Horrors. But the mystery, thrills, and scares were intact. The demon was quite malicious, very dark.