Made in Romania

Made in Romania

"Made In Romania" is the story of a producer who is given the chance to realize his dream project; to film an adaptation of an obscure, beautifully written Victorian novel, "The Tides of Reason". Disillusioned after years of making low budget genre films, the producer readily accepts the demands of his less than legitimate financiers. Namely, the production be filmed entirely in Romania to take advantage of a complicated and slightly suspicious tax deal. Shot in documentary style, this behind-the-scenes comedy deftly and inexorably exposes the painful reality of runaway film production. Way off the radar in deepest, darkest, rural Romania the hopelessly disconnected production veers swiftly off the tracks as bizarre personalities, cultural, economic and language issues quickly combine to send the production spiraling into hysteria. Written by Neil Monaghan

"Made In Romania" is the story of a producer who is given the chance to realize his dream project; to film an adaptation of an obscure, beautifully written Victorian novel, "The Tides of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William W (au) wrote: The story is very old school

christopher s (mx) wrote: this movie gets more stupid by the minute.

Marah R (ru) wrote: Compelling story and very emotional performance by Claire Danes. Unfortunately, the film is very poorly directed and dull.

Onie S (au) wrote: Possibly the worst Star Trek movie. The first 30 minutes were okay, even though there was a long unnecessary shot of the Enterprise.. I like the idea of Voyager coming back to Earth, but everything happens slowly. When they encounter the probe, there is a lot of staring at the view screen, and long shots of the Enterprise traveling to the heart of the probe. The special effects are pretty good for 1979, but that's all this movie has going for it, and I couldn't recommend it, especially to people who aren't into Star Trek.

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 (1978) Damien: Omen II HORROR While watching this movie reminded me that it was more like the first one since you still got that same old crow looking over Damien- like he can be two places at once or that it's several different crows looking over him and so forth. And the people who're most closest to Damien as well who're catching on to who he really is get killed in never-shown-before fashion even though there's like a trend where if anyone were to hang around with him will eventually get themselves killed one way or another. The movie continues where the last one had finished where he gets taken in this time by the deceased's brother and his wife, Richard Thorn played by veteran actor William Holden and Ann played by Lee Grant. The aunt is the first victim of the family to get herself killed who owns a percent of a huge family fortune Richard is supposed to inherit and then so on. Along with Damien they also send their biological son to the military academy together even though the aunt forbids them to be associated with one another. If theirs any difference between the first and the second one, it's that because he's starting to grow up, he's starting to know more about himself with the help of their Sargent played by Lance Henrickson. So, even though he want to be good he can't for he's not allowed to. There's also a little twist in regards to Richard's wife Ann at the end it's kind of dumb because it's like Damien's got the entire world locked under his feet. 2 out of 4 stars

Yvonne A (gb) wrote: This film is awesome, even though the female characters are really wet. A shame it wasn't made in colour, though.

Becs D (it) wrote: A whirlwind of disasters meet the Griswold family, still manage to find Chevy Chase funny