Madea Goes to Jail

Madea Goes to Jail

At long last, Madea returns to the big screen in TYLER PERRY'S MADEA GOES TO JAIL. This time America's favorite irreverent, pistol-packin' grandmomma is raising hell behind bars and lobbying for her freedom...Hallelujer!

Mischievous grandma Madea lands in jail,  where she befriends and reforms a prostitute named Candy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason R (es) wrote: the 1st of the italian cannibal sub genre i saw it after the others, whom borrow scene liberally from this film..literally..a strong fim but not as gory as it's put out to be

Jens S (ag) wrote: This is the story of a man meeting with the autistic mother of a hitchhiking girl who died in his car after an accident. Outstanding acting performances, especially by Rickman and Weaver, and very quiet but lovely sense of humor make for a very likable and satisfying experience. Especially the scrabble game and the story of Mr. Fantastic is a very magical scene. Even though nothing terribly exciting happens after the initial shock, it is still fun and entertaining to follow those characters around for a while.

Shon W (de) wrote: A beautiful moving epic.

Nathan G (ag) wrote: Sam Elliott makes this film. It's a surprisingly adult film. It's a film about the spirit of Christmas and about being nice to each other. Good holiday film without all the silliness.

Jim D (us) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen - the epic showdown scene will put tears in your eyes. How AFI missed this one for their top 100 comedies ("100 Laughs") is a profound mystery.

Sakari L (es) wrote: Godard's works tend to get better on repeated viewings - this one for example has so many layers to it that you'll find something new every time. It's equally a nod to Godard's 60's successes (a Pierrot Le Fou style heist story), reflection on art, cinema vs. video industry and economics as well as a study of man/female relationships. There's the tragic Merimee/Bizet love story, a Beethoven score and finally Godard himself. Bleaker and sleazier than his early work, this is a confusing yet strangely beautiful film.

Eddie F (de) wrote: Overlooked, underrated movie ?? looking forward to the TV series.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Exactly what you expect, which is solid family entertainment.

William C (kr) wrote: What do you get when you start a movie franchise on a hit movie that didn't need a sequel using writers with apparently no familiarity with the paranormal? Apparently you get a string of movies that keep declining in quality and interest. I liked "Paranormal Activity." It was scary, creative and told in an unbelievably tedious style that escalated toward the end, much like "The Amityville Horror" and "The Haunting," but the only thing "Ghost Dimension" sticks to is its ability to be long and tedious. The movie features a house built over the site of the grandparents' house that Katy says burned down off-screen in the first movie. The owner finds a jerry-rigged camera that records paranormal activity and before long starts causing them. It's a big old house, because a small one would be too realistic and hence not scary enough. There's another scary little kid as well as all of the old movie tropes (computer trickery, an obsession with cameras, lots of scenes where nothing happens...), and no attempt is made to explain anything in the previous movies. You'd think by this time someone would call in paranormal investigators. It's long, it's tired, it's so boring! The only good thing about this movie is that it killed off the franchise from releasing any more movies.