In an old house in Paris, that was covered in vines, twelve little girls lived in two straight lines. The smallest one in rain or shine was the fearless Madeline, and she is the heroine of this family comedy based on Ludwig Bemelmans' classic book series about a Parisian schoolgirl and her classmates.

The indomitable Madeline and her 11 friends live at a school run by Miss Clavel in an old house in Paris. She is very good at getting into trouble, but she's also fantastic in solving problems as well, and her school-mistress Miss Clavel is not too approving of her. The biggest problem comes up when Lord Covington decides to sell Madeline's school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ScubaSteve Walter M (fr) wrote: Surprisingly this is not the cliche love story neither a teeny-bopper. It's daring, fresh and portrays life like dilemmas in sexual relationships. Yes I did watch this coz of Nixie. LOL.

Gil S (nl) wrote: "Poo" from beginning to end. Very slow throughout w/a corny ending.

Jack D (gb) wrote: A great comedy with a lot of hilarious dark humor.

Peter T (kr) wrote: not slow but a pathetic action movie .

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, January 10, 2011 (2006) The Protector (In Thai with English subtitles) ACTION After the success of Ong Bak, much of the same crew and of course Tony Jaa returned with this second feature but with a bigger budget this time. Like "Ong Bak" where it has Muay Thai martial artist Tony Jaa retieving a Buddhist head, this time around has him retrieving his elephants, illegally removed from his local village during a water festival. And to remind all the other viewers expecting a plot to make sense will be truly disappointed which is just an excuse to showcase viewers what Tony Jaa can do more than chase and runaway from people. He continues to do more acrobatics and martial arts without the use of CGI and wiring. And because of this is a much higher budget, they were able to go up-the-anti, by having Jaa facing against X-treme sports such as a person riding a motorcycle, a ATV and plenty of roller bladers and BMX bikers- talking about pushing the limits. At the same time, Jaa was also matched against better foes this time around such as real life Wushu martial artist instructor Johnny Ngyen and Jon Foo, professional Copoeira martial aritist Lateef Crowder and fake wrestler strongman Nathan Jones who was memorable as the tough henchman but was killed by Brad Pitt at the beginning of Troy. The difference with this film as opposed to Ong - Bak is that the studio were able to take this movie to a whole new enviroment like a warehouse for instance and have Jaa performing stunts he never had never done in Ong-Bak such as running up a window to dodge himself from run over by an ATV- the same sort of stunt one might find in a Jackie Chan movie. The city is Sydney, Austrialia which the elephants were brought to is used as a backdrop to showcase what Jaa can do in terms of more stunts and not just the fights. People who're unable to adapt to this kind of movie because it's labelled as an action movie should probably stick to drama films since it's no different than horror and comedy movies. Anybody who know there action films should be able to identify some of the influences on the making of this film such as Jackie Chan's "The Protector" and "Police Story Part 1 & 2", Heart of the Dragon", "Armour of God II: Operation Condor" and "Twin Dragons", "Matrix Reloaded" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". Footnote though, they're different versions of "The Protector" with the best one to own are the "Dragon Dynasty" DVD copy which offers two discs, one is the North American theatrical version which is like an 1 hour and a half and the original 2 hour version released in Asia perhaps everywhere else includes a longer fight scene with the X- treme sports. Also included, besides a commentary from Bey Logan from the the first disc consist of a fight scene cut out by two versions but for action enthuisasts still would make an interesting watch nonetheless! 4 out of 4 for the extended version 3 out of 4 for the North American version

Jonathan L (mx) wrote: This is wrong. No, this is right. I t can't get no righter.

Ky K (jp) wrote: Good science fiction film that has interesting human aspects in the story.

Anders A (gb) wrote: Pretty unique documentary of mother & daughter living together for 25 years, sharing their memories of fallen dreams and desire. They are crazy? Sure, but they are crazy with style, trapped inside a mansion of falling monuments.

Nick F (au) wrote: Its worth watching just for the cast; where else are you going to find Sean Connery playing a cowboy and Woody Strode an Indian warrior? The movie has great potential with its scenario of aristocrats trapped in the inhospitable West and director Dmytryk does mine it for some visual fun early on in the movie, but its all soon an afterthought. It must be said, Bardot looks incredible. Seriously, she does. It more then justifies this movie, that's how good. Poor Honor Blackman is cast in a role that is unsuited to her more natural tough instincts. Indeed its strange to see her getting slapped around by Indians; you wonder why she doesn't just drop kick them all. Its worth it for the Western aficionado, just skip the theme song.

Sean H (de) wrote: Pretty straight forward detective thriller.