Mademoiselle Gobete

Mademoiselle Gobete

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Mademoiselle Gobete torrent reviews

Ira Z (mx) wrote: A mess of a movie. Completely uninteresting characters. A film who cannot decide whether it's a drama, or a comedy. No funny moments, no dramatic moments, absolutely no redeeming characteristics!

Ivan B (us) wrote: stundtals seg men helt ok

Teresa K (ru) wrote: Great cast, but figured the ending out within five minutes. Plays like a made-for-tv movie.

Joe L (it) wrote: I really liked this movie. It was cool and good to me. I would have gave it 100% if they showed the kills onscreen.

Bill C (nl) wrote: Crown International littered the drive-ins with movies like these It's apparent someone gave the story and characters some thought and the exploitation elements were more a concession to the box office. I dare say PICK-UP is just it as good and better-crafted than a lot of "serious" American independent "films" popping up on the festival circuit. Still, the downbeat backstories and ending certainly diminish any viewing enjoyment.

Takuya M (ru) wrote: 2013/9/8, STAR CHANNEL

Harvey W (ca) wrote: One of the best, original sci-fi movies ever made. And for the era, great effects, story-line, and great actors.

Deb A (ca) wrote: fun as only Bud and Lou can make it.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Christmas-obsessed individual tracks the naughty and nice children in the neighbourhood before lashing out on Christmas Day in an act of moral outrage. Film's unique style seems more accidental genius than deliberate. Great ending; I could see this film becoming a holiday tradition. Pre-dates (and better than) SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT but never achieved the controversy or notoriety of that film.

Jeremy r (ca) wrote: Brits know how to do zombie films. Not as good as Shaun or 28 days but solid. Best scene is the young "83" year old guy uses a walker to "run" away from the zombies LOL.

Deepak M (us) wrote: Outstanding war movie. Never a dull moment.

Hayden H (kr) wrote: would have been better as a miniseries