A day at a bar, on the day before Gandhi's birthday.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:bar,   life,   tamil,  

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Jillian L (jp) wrote: So, there was some good stuff happening here. The storyline is a little been there done that, but there's enough going on to keep it interesting. It does leave a lot more questions than it answers. Which I know bugs some people...including me. Mackenzie Davis is the standout of the three leads. She's really interesting to watch and she also handled the writing well. It takes place in Texas, and the dialogue reflects that, and she had an easier time with it, where it sounded a little clunky on some of the other actors. I didn't love the character B.J. I don't know what it was; writing, acting, something. It just wasn't working for me. It was a cliche character and I just wasn't digging it. But, like I said, there's some fun stuff in here. The scene where B.J. lays out his plan but we see it as if it's happening was clever. I wish there were a few more moments like it throughout the whole thing. Mark Pellegrino was good as Giff, the villain. The script gave his character an awkward shift from plain cruel and evil to crazy, and he dealt with it. So. Yeah. This wasn't bad. I wouldn't be rushing to see it or anything but there's something there.

Robert F (gb) wrote: violent :likeretarted:stupidstory:disliked

David L (au) wrote: Painfully annoying. Avoid.

Eliane C (kr) wrote: when i saw the trailer i thought it could be a good movie. but after seeing it i was surprised how i got so bored in the beginning 'cause it started so slow... I found the story very intresting but the way the movie was done you'll find it so boring and unprofessional, the directing was soooo bad and the acting too. what i liked the most was the end, it was so stupid and ... just stupid end for a stupid movie..

Suy E (ag) wrote: Love the seat belt episode.

Maya D (fr) wrote: Probably revolutionary when it came out for its depiction of Indian culture, but watching it now its just ok.

Jonathan C (mx) wrote: Dreadful sequel with more chuckles than scares. This movie sucks.

Alex B (kr) wrote: Portrait of a proud, do-it-yourself, antagonistic young female lumpenproletarian (NOT in the sex or drug trade), desperate for a (normal) job (and "normal" life), totally without working class consciousness/solidarity, perhaps redeemed in the end. And indeed a bleak portrait of (especially neoliberal) capitalist society.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: Still not getting tired of the Griswolds although laughs are getting a little desperate for the writers. The chemistry between Sparky Clark and Ellen are definitely still there and more story is given to Audrey and Rus as they venture off on their own sight-seeing.

Lucas Y (jp) wrote: The few people that have probably seen this will tell you it sucks. Sure there's a lack of direction. The editing is pretty awful. And the ending is predictable, but from everything I've gathered as a film lover, Summer Lovers is simply a mindless fantasy that I really enjoyed. The synergy created between the beautiful cinematography & lush Greek scenery, along with an attractive cast make this a more mature examination of a sexual revolution. Peter Gallagher who I've never seen in a lead role is awesome as the newlywed to Daryl Hannah (who's very hot & very naked throughout this movie) who meet a free spirited Greek girl & the three of them become a family. Fair warning though, if you're uptight you probably won't like this. And after watching this I decided I'd like to see Peter Gallagher team with Adrian Grenier in a father/son movie. Or he can make a guest appearance on Entourage. That would be cool too.

Alex K (gb) wrote: My Favorite War Film Is 1998's Saving Private Ryan.

MEC r (fr) wrote: A lot of John Wayne movies are on tv lately. This one was not good.

Greg W (au) wrote: another winner from 'sunrise" director fw murnau

Ash E (fr) wrote: As a premise for a movie it is kind of retarded but John Cusack and Julie Roberts really have on screen chemistry. Also is it just me or does the character Catherine Zeta Jones plays in this movie feel like that might be how she actually is in real life? I don't know why but I do think that is how she really easy, that character came to easily to her.

Bill S (ag) wrote: My wife and I have seen a lot of horror/thriller movies, and this by far was one of the best we have ever seen. It had a scare factor that made it very exciting to watch. A definite must see on our list of scary movies.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Not the average Arnold action film it's got allot of story to tell and the first half was gripping but it got silly and very wierd, Some good shoot outs but a very strange film.