A story about a man's personal struggle to victory in the 1971 Madison, Indiana hydro-plane regatta.

A story about a man's personal struggle to victory in the 1971 Madison, Indiana hydro-plane regatta. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler A (gb) wrote: No young guns but its aight

Makisig H (es) wrote: There is a balance of fun and substance wherein the reality in every film production opts for two goals - to be recognized internationally and to make money.

Xaib (jp) wrote: The Penguins of Madagascar is a wonderful spin-off to the Madagascar franchise. It gives us new and unique, unfamiliar characters that bring humor to the plot that families will love and laugh to.

I am A (nl) wrote: Doesn't really go anywhere worthwhile or new

Alexis C (kr) wrote: It is Riddick simply being Riddick. Good movie showing how he got sloppy and getting back to the crazy killer we know.

Chris A (es) wrote: poor storyline, good action sequences. jay chou so cool and im impressed!!!! hahahaha. 2bad he's not Malaysian!

Christine D (gb) wrote: Cute with an okay storyline.

Ibrahim M (nl) wrote: Different concept used in this movie; and paresh rawal is a great one. Vidya Balan was also good in this movie.

Lucas M (es) wrote: Histrias de pessoas que tentam sobreviver num suburbio, onde a lei do mais forte (C) a que vale. Matteo Garrone nos mostra uma realidade que poucos conhecem das familias de classe baixa m (C)dia italianas, que enfrentam a mafia napolitana. Realista e polmico.

Senor C (mx) wrote: Black Friday could have been something truly special but I found it missed the mark on 3 levels. One - it stars Boris Karloff & Bela Lugosi but they never share any screen time together. Two - it has Karloff as a 'mad' scientist but here it doesn't play to that strength. Mostly because it doesn't have him as the main character per say but it could have played up his obsessions making him a much more interesting character. Finally - this deals w/ a man who has had a brain transplant & has him w/ two personas but has two different actors play the role. I would have much rather it have been one man give two distinct performances. Almost a Jekyll & Hyde. Aside of that it's alright for what it is

Andi Z (br) wrote: kim Possible rocks you should add this one to your List!

Jim S (br) wrote: Chris Evans, who is one of the stars of this silliness, probably didn't realize that he would go on to become Captain America. The toilet humor is pretty obvious and the overall film tries too hard.

Mary W (ru) wrote: i really loved this movie, 'cept for the ending, i want to get it sooooooooo badly. wanna help, lol i wish people would still friggen sell this DVD. :[

Jason M (us) wrote: It really connects. I've seen this 5 times now and it's one of Mike Nichols' most underrated movies.

Anita R (ca) wrote: this is on centric right now. classic!

Kristine K (it) wrote: Very different style of movie for Eastwood, makes me want to watch the African Queen...

Carolyn G (de) wrote: Powerful, haunting and uncomfortable. Everything a good thriller should be (especially one based on such a horrible true story). Walken put across the most hateful father in movie history - quite well.

Ahmad J (de) wrote: Beautiful movie for it's time!

Russell W (au) wrote: Wow. Such an astounding short filled with awesome special effects that astound me even more. Well done!

Joe D (jp) wrote: The film opens violently and does not stop until the end. This gory picture is not as a bad as I thought it was gonna be. I found the first movie to be quite good and I would say it's Uwe Boll best film, but, this would be a close second. Not that saying that is saying much because most of his work just isn't good at all. This one is definitely worth watching though, it is jammed pack with violence and disturbing dialogue that keeps going throughout the movie until it concludes. If you like violent, gun crazy, social commentary movies, then you should consider watching this film, but make sure you watch the first one before.