A portrait of Rita, who claims that her mother was never a mother for her. Rita gives birth to her own six children and forces her mother to take the role of a mother for her grandchildren as she never did that for Rita.

A portrait of Rita, who claims that her mother was never a mother for her. Rita gives birth to her own six children and forces her mother to take the role of a mother for her grandchildren as she never did that for Rita. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Madonnen torrent reviews

William D (nl) wrote: Is Madonna's "Filth and Wisdom" as bad as you've heard? Well, I have to say yes. When the film came out, it was savaged by critics and pulled from circulation in just a few days. I suspected the critics were being overly negative, as they are wont to do when a woman artist takes risks. But in this case the extreme pans were deserved. "Filth and Wisdom" is almost as bad as Joaquin Phoenix's spectacularly stupid and self-indulgent "I'm Still Here" (2010). The only redeeming value is that the bits with Eugene Hutz, lead singer of the band Gogol Bordello, do occasionally become interesting. I suspect that Hutz could turn into something of a darling of underground cinema. He would just require a director and writer who's got more going on upstairs than Madonna. I yield to no one in my appreciation for Madonna, but it can't be denied: she's no thinker. And she's not much of a natural behind the camera either. Most of the scenes in "Filth and Wisdom" looked to me like they were directed by an eight-year-old, and not a particularly smart or interesting one.

James H (fr) wrote: It starts off really bad and doesn't improve. Very muddled with poorly developed characters. I was never drawn into the film, only perplexed as to why it was made.

Jason M (es) wrote: Great movie kinda goes all dert. well worth watching! Chris Eyre is great! Someday he's going to be one of the most fam. direct. of are times! My wife has talked to him about makeing one of her books into a movie, she just has to turn in into a screen play and send him a copy and he'll look it over to see if he would like it.

Jay B (de) wrote: One of my favorite mindless action outings. Chill Factor balances comedy, character and excitement pretty well for a popcorn movie. Sure, some of the effects are out of date and its premise isn't much of one.. but our leads make the ride worthwhile.

Brad B (nl) wrote: Crazy movie in the vein of Airplane or Naked Gun but with more nudity just boobs and simulated sex but then there's a chainsaw involved. Some good chuckle moments and good one liners. If you like dumb crazy movies you'll like it.

Lawrence n (de) wrote: This movie is real good got to rent.

John R (jp) wrote: 150314: 13th Bond Film. Does this film have the biggest budget ever for human stunts? Lot of action, especially during the last 30 minutes. Lots of pretty ladies. It seems this film was decent even if spoiled by a terrible title and at least one equally goofy scene; the Tarzan one.

Hannah M (jp) wrote: In the morning, I found out Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a remake. In the evening, I went to the video store and found the original, which I'd never even heard of before. Up until the very end of the movie, I was liking it significantly better than the remade version, but then . . . it ended and there was no big twist. Darn it, I liked the twist! It worked so well! So the movie lost coolness points for that. However, the rest of the time it was actually much funnier. (For example, the entire segment with Ruprecht was much funnier and much less . . . well, disgusting than the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels version.) Kudos the movie in general for being a blast to watch . . . I only wish that twist was still there. Ah, well.

Joey F (mx) wrote: Lots of fun, but ultimately nothing to write home about. It's great for what it is.

David M (au) wrote: A remake of the lackluster 1934 Death Takes A Holiday, this update is a lovely compelling story. Nicley done and it still wears well after almost 20 years.

Augustine H (de) wrote: It isn't very attractive at the beginning honestly, but the Chemistry between Hal Holbrook and Ray McKinnon slowly comes into effect and makes the movie involving and interesting. Indeed both major characters are flawed yet pathetic to some extent, but that dog is the poorest creature after all! Hal Holbrook masters the loneliness, obsession with his past and strong sentiments towards homeland very well here. He is owed an Oscar nomination.