A portrayal of the lives of the people living in North Madras, focusing on the politics inside the slums and how their plight remains the same, despite the political class luring them constantly during elections.

A wall is a source of discontent between two political rivals. Kaali and his friend Anbu, who is a party worker, get embroiled in this clash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Madras torrent reviews

Ed L (kr) wrote: Best thing about this film is Mad Dog Mcrea's cameo appearance.

Jordon J (ag) wrote: ATM's flawed premise leads to a film that lacks the necessary tension and character development to keep the audience engaged in the story. Furthermore, the characters' unwillingness to act on their situation merely makes for a very frustrating film. I say SKIP IT!!!

Harry E (us) wrote: Interesting but disappointing. Marc Levin takes the fascinating subject of anti-Semitism and conducts some explorations into potentially loaded territory (interviews with neo-Nazis, street thugs, Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, and such) in order to ask and answer the big questions about it. Unfortunately, he doesn't dig deep enough. He conducts some nice interviews and gets some interesting opinions and notable quotations (e.g. the white supremacist who says he doesn't consider Hitler to have been suicidal), but he doesn't really go anywhere beyond scratching the surface. He goes for breadth rather than choosing to explore the depths, which makes this merely a thought-provoking starting point for discussion rather than an innovative film.

Bhaveek M (us) wrote: Terrible ripp off of reservoir dogs. Go to hell Sanjay Gupta. It could have got a 1...but these men start 1/2.

Raji K (es) wrote: John Travolta, Teri Polo and Vince Vaughn lead the cast in the drama Domestic Disturbance. Travolta is Frank Morrison and he has a troubled son Danny. His son lashes out because he and his wife Susan (Teri Polo) recently got divorced. On top of this she is soon to be remarried to Rick Barnes (Vince Vaughn). Through all of this Frank and Danny have a very good relationship.When Danny accuses his new father to be of committing a murder, which Danny saw with his own eyes, Frank can only wonder if such a strong accusation is real. The audience is aware of Rick's actions including the murder of his friend Ray (Steve Buscemi), but the drama is that nobody believes Danny. Frank trusts his son and begins the investigation himself even though nobody believes him and the case is considered closed.Domestic Disturbance is typical Hollywood type blockbuster thriller. Travolta does a good job leading as a good-natured father. Vaughn who is no stranger to playing a villain does so with his typical over serious manner. The film never feels too far-fetched, but movies like this typically do not have a high ceiling and this one is not much different. The film may have served better leaving it up to the audience to believe Danny, but instead everything writes itself in this film.-2.18.2017

Eva L (au) wrote: When a nerd moves back to his old town he comes face to face with his old bully. The bully never really realised his bullying was wrong and thought they were friends.. the bully takes this opertunity to pick up where he left off.

Jonn J (us) wrote: Similar to In the Mouth of Madness, this movie attempts to integrate themes from several pieces of a writer's short fiction into a coherent plot.

Sarfara A (au) wrote: China Moon film-neo-noir film directed by John Bailey. Starring Ed Harris, Benicio del Toro and Madeleine Stowe. Madeleine is married to an abusive successful banker. She meets and falls for Ed, who is a detective with Benicio as his young partner. One night she decides to end the vicious games perpetrated by her abusive husband, thus, Ed unwillingly jumps in to cover her crime - but mystery starts to unwind itself and all arrows point back at Ed. I was recommended by my elder brother to watch this movie - he told me that how back in 1994 the Principal of secondary school, would occasionally rent this film from his friend who ran a video-shop, in Larkano (Sindh - Pakistan). Watching this movie made me groove into its dark plot, sustaining best use of suspense and thrill. Ed Harris, is stand-out and his acting is marvelous, he picks up the motion of the subject and up till the very end you are unable to figure out productive outcome - that's what I completely appreciate, this movie for.

Richard M (ca) wrote: Smurfs get reviewed, as do all the most useless Hollywood productions and yet this masterpiece goes unnoticed. This was a sensational action movie that engaged in the first minute and kept you glued to the screen...

Felipe F (fr) wrote: Babenco's raw and strong grip combined with a piercing script and a fully committed performance from William Hurt makes Kiss of the Spider Woman a brutal and realistic depiction of military dictatorship in Brazil.

Alex r (es) wrote: Well accomplished Western comedy, My Name is Nobody is a fine parody of the Spaghetti Western genre of film that was made famous by Executive producer Sergio Leone. This is an enjoyable film that will surely please genre fans, and with a great cast at hand, director Tonino Valerii crafts a terrific film that is among the best Western comedies ever filmed. Although it lacks in some areas, there's more than plenty of good things going on, on screen to make this worth seeing. Along with Blazing Saddles, this is the best comedy in this genre of film and it's very entertaining from start to finish. This is a fun film in the genre, and it is entertaining from start to finish because of such a great cast of talented actors and there are also plenty of effective gags to make this one memorable, amusing film to watch. If you loved all the classic 1960's Westerns films, well you're sure going to like this one. This film along with Blazing Saddles are the best films in this subgenre of the Western, and each brings something unique to the screen. As a whole, this is a flawed film, but works well enough to make it enjoyable from start to finish. This is among the last great Spaghetti Westerns and it's a fine satire of Westerns of the 60's. With a great cast that deliver on-screen, this is a must see picture for fans of the genre. This is a memorable silly ride from start to finish and is also one of the defining classics of the genre. A fun, entertaining ride that should please fans of cinema as much as genre fans. Simply put, My Name is Nobody is a memorable comedy worth watching.

Maks N (br) wrote: After Ice Age, the best Blu Skies animation.

Ben C (us) wrote: I don't know why the TV series was so incredible with amazing Scripts and acting but the movies (aside from first contact) just fall flat.