Madras Town

Madras Town

A film set in 1940s India, during the country's struggle for independence. The young daughter of an English governor falls in love with a local Indian boy.

A film set in 1940s India, during the country's struggle for independence. The young daughter of an English governor falls in love with a local Indian boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irene S (es) wrote: movie about child trafficking in Malaysia and the united states. pretty good movie, low budget film but well made enough to understand the issue in hand

Dominique M (gb) wrote: Words can hardly describe how godawful this is. It's one of the worst examples of film noir I've ever seen. It's so badly constructed. Dialog is stilted, character motives are non-existent, plot holes are blatant, and the tone randomly shifts from sinister moments to random and questionably-placed "was that supposed to be funny?" moments. I couldn't take anything seriously.Thomas Haden Church is very inconsistent as Don McKay. At points he plays him as a timid, shy character (which is fine), but most of the time, he's either a robot or strangely casual. Elizabeth Shue makes it obvious that her character's hiding something, rather than just be mysterious about it. Melissa Leo is great for the first half, but near the end her performance becomes way too cheesy, it stands out more.I wish I could describe how much of a preposterous massacre the plot turns out to be, but I'm way too confused to even try. My mind is so jumbled after watching this that I have issues identifying the color of the freaking sky! It's slow and boring, and it lacks suspense because you're too baffled by whatever the fuck's going on! Absolutely nothing is redeemable.

Sumanjit R (jp) wrote: Thoroughly overwrought in true Bollywood fashion, Kites is deeply flawed -- and too effervescently charming to resist.

Peter E (es) wrote: Serious pacing and plot problems. I really like asian horror because it usually gives the story the times it needs to build suspense. This was just plain boring.

Chucky (ca) wrote: December 9th 2009July 31st 2012November 30th 2013November 14th 2014December 8th 2015December 14th 2016

Ryan W (fr) wrote: the acting was awful and it was more humorous than scary. However I'd definitely add it to my collection! One of those bad cheesy films that you'd watch out of laughter of how bad it is.

Abishai S (us) wrote: Cute idea is one that works, and it has cool visual effects.

David F (it) wrote: Super-duper police helicopter is able to hover silently and listen in on conversations within buildings, but what if it falls into the wrong hands? That's basically the premise behind this techo-thriller from John Badham. Unfortunately, the whole thing has a drab made-for-tv feeling behind it, save for the thrilling aerial stuntwork. Roy Schneider does the best he can, but the whole notion of a Vietnam veteran turned cop dealing with PTSD rates a 10 on the Cliche-O-Meter. Malcolm MacDowell glowers menacingly as Schneider's nemesis, his former commander from his army days who now heads up the Blue thunder project, and Daniel Stern is in fine form as the dispensable junior partner who learns too much and gets silenced halfway through the film. As conspiracy thrillers go, this is strictly formula, but apparently it proved popular enough to spawn a short-lived TV show by the same name - not to mention a copycat called 'Airwolf' that unleashed Jan-Michael Vincent on to an unsuspecting American public.

Paul B (ag) wrote: A true cult classic albeit one which doesn't always work. Some great early scenes about the mundanity of space pepper this & bring some humorous moments, including THAT ending. It doesn't really stand the test of repeated viewings but certainly worth checking out as a great example of what you can do on a tiny budget.

Adam L D (jp) wrote: Incredible story about Teenage runaway Chris, and her horrific treatment in a girl's group home. It's hard to believe at some points in this story, that this was originally a TV movie! Linda Blair, perfectly cast as Chris is tearfully heartbroken by all those she needs to help her but instead fail to do anything but mess her up worse. Should be shown to ever 9 year old girl to shock them out of trying to run away from their problems. Great movie

Shawn W (ru) wrote: The Civil War extracts a heavy cost on a Virginian family when the youngest son is mistakenly taken prisoner as a Confederate soldier. More dated than its 1965 date indicates but a good second half. The Church reunion reminded me of Little House.

Alejandro R (kr) wrote: Based on a true story, but known for some pieces of the story being fictionalized, it's still a really well-told story. Denzel's performance was very strong and Russell Crowe's not bad with solid direction from Ridley Scott.

David W (ru) wrote: Monologuing will kill you every time. Not a bad gangster flick if a little predictable.

Adam R (fr) wrote: Heavy sex and violence and a poor plot. This was not centered on the serial killer as I was expecting. It's more of a lame drama than it is a thriller. The ending was very disappointing as I was expecting something to finally happen. (First and only viewing - 8/3/2014)