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Madregilda torrent reviews

Tyler R (nl) wrote: The Longest Week stars Jason Bateman as Conrad he's basically been living off his parents riches for his whole life. That is until they cut him off and they evict him from their hotel. Now he has to go move in with his friend Dylan played by Billy Crudup and Conrad meets Beatrice played by Olivia Wilde on the subway and they have instant chemistry. But she is dating Dylan but she really like Conrad and so that begins a sort of rivalry between the two guys. The Longest Week is a great title for this movie because I felt like it was going to go on forever. This movie is a mess from beginning to end. First off we have what is likely to noted as the worst use of narration ever used in a movie. It's bad narration it explains what we're already seeing. All the characters are unlikable and that would be ok if only they were more fleshed out. The dialogue is terrible. This also feels like the writer director Peter Glanz is trying to go for a Wes Anderson type vibe and again that would be cool if he had a good story to go with it. The central love story didn't keep my interest because I didn't understand why Beatrice would want to be with any of these guys. The Longest Week was actually made in 2012 but it got shelved until last year when it finally got distribution. This movie should have stayed on the shelf for a few more years. Peter Glanz has a good visual eye and I hope he'll make better films In the future. But for now The Longest Week is a huge mess of a movie

Holley R (kr) wrote: First off, let me just say I am not quite sure why this movie is rated "R" cause it says that it's rated 'R" for crude humor and sexual references. But really, the only reasons I see why it was rated 'R' because there was a tiny 'f-bomb' combined with that. So yet another reason why the movie ratings system is messed up since in my opinion, the was barely a "PG-13" movie. But with that, I didn't care for this movie. I can understand why this premise would appeal to some people, but it wasn't something I enjoyed. The funniest parts would have to be Seth Meyers playing a gay man, and Will Arnet's two minute performance as a blind man. But other than that, it felt like a really long, awkward Saturday Night Live sketch. And I love SNL, so when I have a problem with a movie that's like a long SNL sketch, there really is a problem. It's giving me a 'Nervy Breaky"!

James G (gb) wrote: Every night when I was a child I'd watch Shrek 2 with my family. My uncle would always take me out the back afterwards and just ravage my sweet 5 year old body, ahhhh good times. 6/20

MF J (jp) wrote: Awesome thriller, well written, well directed & acted by the most awesome screen couple in recent years, Sean Connery & Catherine Zeta Jones. Thumbs up!

Justin B (au) wrote: It's actually staggering how bad this is considering how similar the sense of humour is to Naked Gun. There are occasionally funny moments but the silliness is too heavy handed, lazy and completely uninspired.

Leo G (kr) wrote: this film is crap compared to alien and aliens but does that mean its bad no it is just ok

Matthew D (mx) wrote: Good but I like the 3D remake better.