Hans, a German director, is in Madrid to film a television production about the capital and the Civil War, 50 years after it occurred. Accompanied by Lucía, his editor, and Goyo, his cinematographer, he films shots of the modern city, searching for spaces and people related to its past. At the same time, he views materials related to the past. In this search, Hans questions the point of his project, and disagrees with his producers until he discovers a project that he is passionate about.

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Madrid torrent reviews

jamie a (ru) wrote: I have to say I do not feel the rough critique of this film justified. Sure it is an Indie film and not of a million dollar budget. but they put effort it to it. The story line is fine but certainly they needed a bigger budget to pull it all off, ambitious but if you dont try right. The banter between the two leads, Tiffany and jack is actually pretty funny, so they did it with humor and some decent fights real guns and a solid bad guy. We cant knock them for the budget, they had what they had and made the best of it, for a indie film it is pretty good. And in 10 years some studio will see it and the people in it and do a million dollar remake to do it justice.

Iy N (ca) wrote: very mediocre, plotless, not-quite-funny waste of time.

Melissa D (us) wrote: It has Felicty Huffman in it, it's gotta be sort of good.

kathy G (kr) wrote: what a great movie for kids they really do learn plenty

Maryjane S (ca) wrote: This is a very entertaining family movie , original is better , but this still keeps u entertained through out

Steve C (es) wrote: Horrible film, couldnt stand it one bit. The music is a bit disturbing and so is part of the story. I am not really sure how people like Bjork's singing, but atleast her acting was better than her singing. I would not watch this film again, nor would I recommend it.

Prithviraj P (de) wrote: 1 among aamir's best performance

Raji K (mx) wrote: Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck co-star in Forces of Nature. Affleck is Ben Holmes and he is on the verge of being married. He needs to travel to Savannah Georgia to get married and gets on board a flight to head down there. A terrible accident causes the plane to derail and is unable to take off. He meets in the process Sarah Lewis (Bullock) and the two rent a car to drive down. The two have quite the chemistry as they begin flirting with each other.The film then turns out to be like a planes, trains and automobiles like scenario, where every mode of transportation they seem to take has some kind of issue that keeps delaying their trip to Savannah. With each mishap, the two continue to connect. Holmes begins to doubt if he should marry his fianc Bridget (Maura Tierney). He learns more about Sarah who is twice married and even has a son, but he still feels for her. As the title and all the occurrences that happen to them suggest, the forces of nature seem bound to have these two get together. Forces of Nature is one of the weaker romantic comedies. Bullock does her best to be this earthy, connectable and sexy force, but Affleck in contrast is all too wooden. The events that keep happening to the two get old and wear thin. It was surprising that the two do not wind up together, and Affleck and his real fianc do get married. This may have been one of the cases where I feel him ending up with Bullock would have been a better, although clich ending. Steve Zahn is Affleck's best friend in the film, but is not in it much, and a third character would have given the film a bit more a firm ground in case the audience grows weary of the main couple. Forces of Nature has its moments, but I was ready for this one to be over.-3.19.2017

Dee S (nl) wrote: This is a fun Joaquin/ Liv movie...

Iain S (ca) wrote: Another decent action film from Arnie!

Paul G (it) wrote: The funniest movie I have ever seen , This was my first Mel Brooks Movie and was the start of many I have seen . Its good to be the King .

Zack B (ru) wrote: The bare bones realism reminded me of certain scenes in Lindsay Anderson's If..., a similar although totally different take on the life of a young, rebellious English boy. Chris Menges' cinematography was amazing. Poignant and moving.

Simon D (it) wrote: Anthony Quinn is a fascinating and very talented actor, unfortunately, this is not enough to make this film work for me. I found it quite boring and slow.

Robyn M (jp) wrote: Lauren Bacall, who gave men the license to whistle, was blessed by nature with two advantages: the personality of a buddy and the look of a Femme Fatale... This combination initially took the only 19-years-old actress to the top with her first two films - 'To Have and Have Not' and 'The Big Sleep' - scoring a success even the deadpan expressions of a Buster Keaton could not undermine... It helped, of course, to be co-starred in them with Humphrey Bogart who fell in love with her during shooting, and to have Howard Hawks, who deliberately set out to prove that he could make her a star, directing her every move in the same totally controlled way Joseph Von Sternberg had done with Marlene Dietrich... 'To Have and Have Not' is an almost unrecognizable adaptation of the Hemingway novel... The Rick character again appears, though with a new name... The film is a fairly routinely adventure, with a plot that isn't all that interesting, and with a frequently laughable dialog, but it sparks into life when Bacall steals the entrance with her sultry voice and sophistication with her trademark Cigarette in hand.

Aaron V (fr) wrote: Still a good bond film but story line wasn't up to where it should be.

Deborah M (es) wrote: Yes, it's a Rom-Com with the usual elements - and it's a fun watch. John Cusack is endearing and adorable. The soundtrack is appealing, as well. A nice selection to curl up with on a Saturday night. I would have liked it even better if fate had been a bit kinder to previous partners but it is still solid, well-acted and charming.