Madso's War

Madso's War

A power vacuum develops when the top mob boss flees a federal indictment.

A power vacuum develops when the top mob boss flees a federal indictment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle C (kr) wrote: A fun romance set in Italy. It is a musical with all 80s music, with song and dance. It kinda felt a bit like Grease with 80s pop music helping tell the story. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would!

Robert M (us) wrote: It says something about Stephen Rea that even when he's not trying he's still acting circles around the main cast. Then again we are dealing with a movie that trying to be the next Van Helsing for whatever reason so it's not aiming high.

Adrian E (br) wrote: Like Brokeback Mountain if Heath and Jake weren't gay and hung out with a lot of sheep.

James N (mx) wrote: Starts off slow, but the payoff is worth it.

Richard D (de) wrote: A passable flick. It felt like I was missing a bit by having never seen the TV show.

James L (nl) wrote: Taeguki draws you into a very beautiful narrative of two brothers who were drafted into war and now struggle not just to fight at war, but fight to stay true to their blood bond in a time when blood is shed abundantly. Although quite lengthy (2 1/2 hours), I thought the film had an intriguing plot, and of course, a riveting ending that'll make you shed manly tears. A definite must-watch. 2nd to Saving Private Ryan in terms of production, but first of its kind to get me bawling at a war movie.

MF J (au) wrote: A sexy lesbian Thriller with a good story, a strong cast & some cool twists in the story.

Unfelia C (mx) wrote: fun back in 1994 but now it just does not work....

E L (it) wrote: One of Meryl Streep's more successful attempts at comedy. Witty and engaging.

Cade R (jp) wrote: Overall this film was enjoyable to watch. The characters are very unique in all the things that are going on with them. It seems that most of the characters are flawed in different ways, which all seem to be sort of mental disabilities (mainly James Franco's characters and Fallon Goodson's). There was great humor in the film and David Strathairn's character "Delmar" was quite funny to watch. With great performances done by all the actors, I expected this to be a very good movie. I was lead to disappointment near the end of the film to when the things I was hoping to find out about the characters never came to light, which included many plot holes which lead to things being a little confusing. Carter's directing (Yes, this movie isn't directed by James Franco as RT says) was very interesting and unique, but the overall story seemed to lack content. I was very drawn into all of the characters, but I was expecting some sort of large transformation to occur that would make me feel at ease. Other than that, my overall impression of the movie was good. I can recommend this to people who are fans of James Franco and Catherine Keener, and also Fallon Goodson.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Directed by Gavin O'Connor (Tumbleweeds (1999) and Warrior (2011)), and co-written with Joe Carnahan (Narc (2002)), this is a tense and somewhat overlong crime drama about corruption in the NYPD. O'Connor has tried to get this film made for years, and when he did, he had a battle on his hands to get the film released. But it's worth it, but stuff like this has been done before elsewhere. The Tierney family work in the New York Police Department, Patriarch Francis Tierney (Jon Voight) has retired but still has ties to the force, his two sons Francis Jr. (Noah Emmerich) and Ray (Edward Norton) are active officers, and so is Francis' son-in-law Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell). When several officers are killed during a failed drug bust against gang leader Angel Tezo (Ramon Rodriguez), Ray and Francis find their loyalty to the force being called into question, especially when it's revealed that it was a planned ambush, and it gets even closer to home when they both discover that Jimmy might have been involved. It's a good thriller, with some good performances, but it does get tied up in knots at one point with it's complex layering, but it manages to hold it's own, and it has a very good cast to boot. But, it's ultimately a film about family loyalty and morals, and how one has to deal with family dishonestly and corruption.

Minerva R (gb) wrote: I can't believe someone else liked this movie. I saw it in the 1980's when I was just out of high school, and wished I could have found a guy like this one, just for fun.