Mag Wheels

Mag Wheels

Cool van-driving stud Steve gets the hots for Anita, who's the new girl in town. However, this doesn't go over well with Steve's bitchy and jealous girlfriend Donna, who sets Steve up by ...

Cool van-driving stud Steve gets the hots for Anita, who's the new girl in town. However, this doesn't go over well with Steve's bitchy and jealous girlfriend Donna, who sets Steve up by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Passel (us) wrote: It's really nice to put faces behind the voices we grow up on and get some perspective on this industry

Jason M (de) wrote: This was the most emotionally powerful doc of 2010, about a real life G.I. Joe who might have gone on to bigger and better things.

Mohammed S (nl) wrote: loved it frm heart...

Barbara J (de) wrote: Very enjoyable--I think all my friends would like it.

Chris S (nl) wrote: A little difficult to rate this one. On the one hand kinda feels like it should be low on the scale (as evidenced by the critics), but then looking back on it it really wasn't that bad. Had some good moments here and there, and I thought the storyline was at least unique and somewhat of an entertaining concept. Ending was a bit predictable, but all in all a decent flick, especially if you're in the mood to just sit back and watch something as opposed to having to think a lot or go through a bunch of heavy action.

Carina O (es) wrote: This is EXACTLY my kind of movie!:)

Bret B (gb) wrote: OK, so maybe this makes me ridiculous but...I like Steve Carell being an ass for two just about any capacity. This movie was light entertainment and (to my surprise) I really liked it!

harley l (es) wrote: whatch it already~?

Anders A (es) wrote: Dont kick a sleeping dog, or at least dont try to kill Ghost Dog. Dumb mafioso wants revenge on something themselves set up. The Ghost dog lives in the spiritual path, with honour and control. Stylish modern american adaption of a samurai tale.

Sade M (ag) wrote: The best B-ball movie ever

Corey D (gb) wrote: The film itself is decent, although the small budget clearly hurt the film in a few obvious places. Sinise's performance is remarkable - he's got the walk, the look and the speech pattern down cold. Really enjoyable.

Corey n (us) wrote: This is one of the better Pauly Shore movies out there. Shore plays a man who gets jury duty. At first he prolongs the jury duty to get free board and food. But he soons falls for another juror and also learns the case may not be all that clear. There are some funny moments in this. Shore is solid enough in this. Plus the film has a decent cast. Worth a one time watch.

Kestutis K (jp) wrote: Wow. This one's just... wow. This was written by David S. Goyer? Of Blade and the Christopher Nolan Batman films? Guess everybody's got to start somewhere. Let's try and sum up. It's a low budget stinker about a female detective who reveals to her partner that she's pregnant with their baby right before a sting operation. Naturally, he gets killed (in one of the funniest gun exchanges I've ever seen) and the crooks escape into a old warehouse where some kind of stillborn demon fetus was buried 60 some years ago on Halloween. Now, having been powered up by blood and trying to possess the pregnant cop's unborn baby (and like, 2 weeks into the pregnancy) the demon starts animating toys to go about killing the few people in the warehouse. The plot is horribly contrived and full of holes, shotguns are fired without reloading, the detective's loses a sleeve for no reason, a character shows up in the middle of the film explains things the audience already knows to the other characters and is quickly killed off. To be fair, some (SOME) of the makeup and puppetry effects are very nice and the basic plot elements of "trapped demon animates toys in order to mess with/possess pregnant lady" wasn't a bad idea. This is a long 86 minutes.

Jonny P (br) wrote: "Possession" was... boring. I don't know how a story with so much potential can fall so flat, especially with Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart at the helm. Netflix labels it as a thriller (which was the first misleading mistake) and, even though the synopsis didn't seem very thrilling, that was my expectation. I suppose that there were some thrilling moments like discovering a hidden letter in a doll house and discovering a cave behind a water fall, but let's consider the maximum level of potential excitement in either of those things. A lot of the momentum is lost by constantly shifting to uneventful flashbacks and even with Jeremy Northam appearing in the flashbacks (misleading mistake number two), it was still uninteresting. I guess that some of the twists are interesting (sort-of), but overall this is a boring story with a boring script that will lose your attention after about 10 boring minutes.

Allan C (it) wrote: Never actually seen this well known grindhouse film and was a bit disappointed. It has a cool "Escape from New York" like set up, years before John Carpenter ever made this classic film. In this film, in order to save tax payers money, murderers are now sent to a Terminal Island where they are left to make their own violent world. To make things even cooler, the film features Tom Selleck and Roger E. Mosley who both went on to star in "Magnum, P.I." The film also features some cool Rambo-like jungle traps, also well before "First Blood" ever came out. However, the film is painfully low budget and does not feature any memorable characters outside of maybe Selleck's doctor who was imprisoned for a mercy killing, and in the end seems amateurishly made. Though I was not impressed with director/co-writer Stephanie Rothman who was one a only a handful of exploitation film directors. She's no Doris Wishman, but she did make quite a few exploitation films that you've heard of ("The Velvet Vampire" "The Student Nurses" "Blood Bath") even if they weren't quite classics. Overall, this film had a better concept than was the actual film, which is pretty standard for most 70s exploitation films.

Ryan B (mx) wrote: A non-standard samurai story about the brutality of the system instead of an idealized one. Great fight scenes to boot.

Christopher C (ag) wrote: A good movie with some decent performances. Cruise is the bad guy for this film but up until the end, your are rooting for him. Foxx is pretty good as innocent cabbie drawn into the situation. Overall a pretty entertaining movie.

Li C (au) wrote: Our Idiot Brother got a better review than Columbiana? What's wrong with you people?