Magamaha Raju

Magamaha Raju

The story of an elder brother trying to save his family after the death of his father.

The story of an elder brother trying to save his family after the death of his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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adi p (mx) wrote: Dancing-singing kind of movie is not my favorite. But most importantly ,real life theme is way better than 'real+fiction+confusing story line'

Harry W (de) wrote: You can't expect much from a film like Wake of Death, because the standard for low-budget Direct-to-DVD films helmed by Jean-Claude Van Damme is fairly low, so no Citizen Kane is in preparation for you when you watch Wake of Death.And yeah it's fairly crap because the action isn't the worst in Wake of Death but is still sufficiently crap, but Jean-Claude Van Damme's performance was better than expected and so in certain areas Wake of Death defied expectations while failing in many others, but I guess it was ok considering the standards set, but the plot was also fairly tedious and confusing and eventually there just wasn't any cares to give anymore especially because the action was too difficult to keep up with, even though it isn't the complete worst and is above below-average slightly, but crap. But Jean-Claude Van Damme has made worse films and given worse performance, and so Wake of Death is crap but not too crap so yeah.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Fun 80s flick with a no-brainier premise. If you love The Corey's, this is one of their better efforts.

Zachary M (fr) wrote: If someone asked you for the definition of a perfect "guy movie" than this would be the first and really only one to show. It packs every bit of a standard action/scifi thriller in, but with lots of comedy bits, memorable lines and characters, and one of the most iconic original monster designs in film history. Nothing truly comes close to being so much fun without being dumb or so much entertainment without being too hammy. If a person loves action movies this must certainly rank up there with the best of them. Proving that while many of these movies are nothing but cheap thrills can themselves be true forms of art.

chase (au) wrote: very similar to the night stalker, but with even more outbursts.

Dave Z (mx) wrote: Another great one from John Sturges.

Aaron M (ca) wrote: This rags to riches story is an amicable one even for a non musical lover like myself however I have seen the west end show which is much better than this retelling. The fact of the matter is, the movie gives very little more than the theatre production, instead the level of acting from the Four Season actors themselves feels amateurish and scenes with music are actually shortened and feel more like an afterthought. It follows the musical closely right down to the script, but mixing the layout up a bit which isn't really for the better either. Its a decent watch nonetheless and would be much better if you haven't endured the film in another form yet Eastwood has put in little effort with this one.

dianes profile ending p (mx) wrote: I am interged with this movie.

Jason C (es) wrote: So I finally watched this, don't know why it took so long but it did. Refn certainly knows how to make a great looking film, and it is truly an awesome looking movie.....and a violent one, which neither is a surprise if you have seen his movies. There really isn't much past that though, but those two elements make for an interesting movie to watch, just like "Only God Forgives". "Drive" is no doubt his masterpiece.

Dws S (ag) wrote: Was very good, actually it was great??????