The daily routine of a falconry shows the newcomer how order through dictatorship can and cannot work.

A young man with an interest in ornithology arrives to study the work of falcons and their human trainers. The head falconer is a cold and heartless man who obstinately demands perfection from everyone around him. His work is his life, and he doesn't care if his girlfriend makes love to other men. The young man observes all he can before leaving behind the potentially inhuman situation for brighter horizons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (es) wrote: There are two kinds of really, really bad zombie movies:Those with NO Danny Trejo...And those with SI, MUY! Danny Trejo.Or as much Danny Trejo as the "producer/writer/director" could afford to hire, which seems to be roughly a half-day's worth in this case.Too inadvertently cheesy to qualify as the worst ever in its sub-genre, this grindhouse wannabe also boasts: absolutely no acting or directorial values; an unedited, witlessly amateurish imitation Frank Miller tough guy script;lots of gore, black gore, maroon gore, fuchsia gore, lavender gore, green gore, ecru gore;a gratuitous chain-sawing wielding maniac clown; never-explained CGI mutant space monsters;a single set of all-purpose fake intestines which are repeatedly pulled from various dead extras;characters who keep forgetting they're in the zombie apocalypse; a running visual gag involving masturbation; a geezer who repeatedly declares "I'm getting too old for this shit";and a second-lead actress whose IMDB bio notes that she used to model for Japanese girly mags and now sells lingerie at strip clubs in Utah.In sum: grade Z camp fare; awful, but minimally fun. Eh...sometimes you're in the mood for a really bad zombie movie. It may as well feature Danny Trejo.

Des S (us) wrote: Not the best way I think this movie could have been done, but for the most part it was interesting to watch.

Yudi J (es) wrote: title said it all. forget about the slice of life story... just enjoy the scenery...

Sayandeep N (ag) wrote: Not a great movie. Ranvir Shorey has acted well

James H (fr) wrote: Cute family film, a bit obvious and highly improbable, but very enjoyable. Kids will like it, and it's harmless fun for adults. The dogs used are adorable.

Eric T (it) wrote: Obviously the best video game movie.

John H (au) wrote: A classic and never tires, no matter how old

Andrew L (it) wrote: The opening sequence with Seagal training in Japan looked like an awesome set up to a martial arts movie, but it quickly changed gears and turned into a really boring cop movie. I can't even remember if I finished this movie.

Blair K (jp) wrote: this movie was not only fun but a good romance /friendship between jon cryer and demi moore. they have good chemistry together and he is definitely persisitant in winning her affection but is never creepy or stalker like which is a fine line that jon cryer does beautifully. you root for him to be with her and well like the title says it is no small affair :)

Sebastian F (ca) wrote: I can't stop watching this movie!

bill s (de) wrote: Better than I expected but not enough of a script to carry a movie in particular one with Streep in it.

Jeannine O (us) wrote: Sure it's silly, but it's also quotable as hell and always fun to watch.

Jesse K (ru) wrote: 4.5/5 Some scenes are just shy of perfection and the tonal shifts can be pretty jarring for some, but Chris Rock swiftly makes Top Five a surprisingly enjoyable venture into the celebrity lifestyle with charm, humour and heart.

Alex K (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first but better then 2 and 3 and the flight scenes are great.

Russell H (es) wrote: Not too bad. The underground, volcano lair and the scar-faced bad guy bring me back, again, to Austin Powers. Loved the raggedy helicopter scene.